Windows Is Dead, Microsoft Finally Admits


If you give me the option of choosing a windows or android device with my eyes closed i bet i will pick the android that’s not because of super powers, windows smell dead all over it, do you perceive that odd smell too

Me, am a die hard android fan, no beef, windows mobile have been dead for a long time now i wonder why it took Microsoft this long to realise.

Anyway, following series of tweets by Joe Belfiore of Microsoft, he finally announced the death of windows, saying that windows wont be receiving any new feature or hardware simply meaning that windows mobile have been placed on servicing mood.

In his statement below in the recent Windows 10 Fall Creators Upsate development phase, he made it clear that the pause button have been applied to Windows 10 by the company.

He also admitted to have switched to the android Operating System( i hear android guys say welcome to the winning team) just like Bill Gate and said that Windows 10 mobile will also support users who wish to use either the Android Operating System or the IOS on their device.

The major problem which lead to this according to him (which is true sha) are bad belle developers who just don’t like the Windows OS enough to create apps for them.

But will you blame them, how do you expect them to sell their apps when everyone is all about Android or IOS (money is the koko)

After much Ado the company have finally come to sense that nobody wants a windows device, So now its time for them to focus on their experience on PC which is actually what will definitely work for them.

If you ask me. despite the failure of Microsoft, i like their launcher not on a windows phone oooo (On my Android joor ) , so i think its the only good thing that came out of the lunch of Windows device

Now over to you, what do you think of the death of windows device?, which windows Smartphone do you prefer if you ever were to use the device, lets chat through the comment section.


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