How Automatically Change Wallpaper On Android


Wallpaper, the beauty of every android. Pictures tend to play a great role in determining the mood.  How do you feel when you switch on your device and have to be welcomed by that same old pics?, some might probably have it in mind to change their wallpapers from time to time but due to the stress employed in constant switching one might give up the idea. Today, I would be showing you how to costume your android device for automatic wallpaper change, this way, you won’t have to border on the selection of pictures but would have a new interface at time intervals with ease. Also I will be giving you step by step guide to change your wallpaper on any device. There are many options to optimize your device for automatic wallpaper change but I will be concentrated on.


  • IFTTT( If This Then That)
  • Wallpaper changer(App)
  • Microsoft Arrow Launcher
  • Google wallpapers


IFTTT Recipe

This model can serve as an automatic call to action of background wallpaper change. If This That (IFTTT) serve on different platform and gives the opportunity to choose from different option of rotating your wallpaper by connecting to different apps in your device and also your social media, all you have to do is to create a recipe of your desired choice probably a newly liked image on your Instagram page, a new picture in a drop box, a new image from your flicker feed, an image from your RSS feed and more features included. Cool? , definitely.

How Create A New Recipe

Using the application you can easily create a new recipe. Following the steps below will help you create a new recipe with ease.

Step 1: Swipe left from the timeline screen which will lead to a page where you can manage your recipes (turning off/on a recipe).

Step 2: On the top of the screen, tap on the plus (+) sign. This will lead to where you can select your trigger and your action “if + then +”.

Step3: On tapping the first plus sign, you have the option of picking your trigger. The trigger is that event which calls the recipe to play, such as a newly posted image, a new feed on Bing. You can select a suitable trigger among those supported by IFTTT.

Step 4: When you are done with the selection of a trigger, move forward to the selection of an action. You can do this by swiping through the supported action.

Step 5:  On selection of a trigger and an action, confirm all is right and tap on finish.

Step 6: After confirmation of your recipe, you might want to edit the recipe or tweak a few details. In other to do that, click in the recipe and make necessary changes with respect to your taste.

Using IFTTT is one cool way of wallpaper rotation, below are other ways to rotate wallpaper on your android device.


Wallpaper Changer

Trusting a wallpaper app to change your device wallpaper is quite the best when it comes to switching wallpaper automatically, many application exist which can get this done but I will recommend wallpaper changer. Using wallpaper changer, you can set your device to rotate your wallpaper at intervals, might be within weeks, days, hours and even munities. Though other applications may exist, wallpaper changer goes a long way in getting the job done. It even include the option of choosing the order of images to be selected for the background wallpaper. Using the wallpaper changer, you can have the opportunity to tweak other settings. You can use the wallpaper changer by giving it access to your wallpaper settings, after that is done, tap and hold a blank part of your screen this will lead you to compile some group of images using the album tab, upon upgrade to pro version , you can manage serval albums.

Microsoft Arrow Launcher

Microsoft arrow launcher is an android launcher which can regulate wallpaper change in your device automatically. If you have a desktop, by now you might be familiar with the beautiful images presented by Microsoft on your lock screen, sometimes it presents applications depending on your current location, using Microsoft arrow launcher your device will be updated through Bing which is normally updated daily. This application works in various ways so as to optimizes the device to  save battery life .

Google Wallpapers

Using wallpapers from google, you can get updated directly from google earth, google+ and others included. With Nougat LINIK you can set a wallpaper on your home screen and another on the lock screen.

Start getting the best of your device today using the automatic wallpaper changer on your device. Use the comment box below and share your thought about automatic wallpapers.



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