Search Faster At More Affordable Rate As Google Introduce WebLite


Its all about upgrades, and recently the word goes with Google as they introduce a faster, more affordable system of searching the internet.

Who dont like it fast…..

We all know how it feels browsing with a slow device.

And the worst feeling browsing with low internet connection ( like Glo in my area 🙁 ).

That feeling where you almost smash your device to the wall if that can at least cause a change, or go to sleep as early as a chicken.

Now all that changes as you can now search through Google Like Usain Bolt with this upgrade from Google when searching for the latest news, tutorial, or other tech related info

And this was the reason for the upgrade…

Nearly 40% of users of Android might be experiencing slow internet connection mostly due to low RAM devices. According to Google this will help you get the information you are looking for quicker, easier and mostly, more affordable.

Are you in Africa, when you perform a Google search with a device of low RAM through the Google App, Chrome or your android browser, all pages accessed through the search result will load faster at a blink with less data charged

Not a new feature…..

This feature have been up and running in Indonesia, Brazil and India for sometime now but just recently came to us. According to reports, this makes pages accessed through google load three times faster with 80% less charge and boosting traffic from google search to web pages by 40%.

Though the upgrade, if you still wish to access the original google page, that can be easy as choosing the option at the top of the page(that’s if you no like beta thing)

Now slow internet connection and low RAM will cease to be a barrier to search through Google as this new upgrade will improve your search experience. So keep up the search. What do you think of this upgrade, lets chat through the comment section.


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