United States Unveils Advance Robot Mule


This is an age of advanced technological development, this advancement have seen to the creation of improved technological machines such as the robot. Robots for several function have been created, hence we have seen robots for cooking, cleaning, washing e.tc, and the military section was not left out as the United States just launched a robot mule for its military activities.

The early days has seen military mules to be ornery bunches, this is needed to transport military ammunitions into battles as an infantryman could carry only as much as 60 to 120 pounds of goods into the battlefield.

This will include food, water, ammunitions and lots more, this tends to slow the soldier down hence making them less mobile as they may carry weights which is just close to their body mass, therefore, reducing their effectiveness when they arrive to the battlefield.

With this in mind a United State company created a “robotic mule” for soldiers which would help with caring their gears into the battlefield, the robotic mule according to Todd South in a recent publication in Army Times would be joining soldiers into battle this year.

The robotic mule contract is worth about US$162.4 million which will see to the production of about 624 MUTTs for the United States army.

This MUTT will be of two variant, the Unmanned and manned type and would be able to carry up to 1000 pounds worth of goods, and will be able to travel a distance of 60 miles in 72 hours as well as providing power of about 3kw when stationary and 1kw while in motion which would be used for the charging of electronic equipment’s and batteries.

This MUTT could also be tailored towards running remote missions, launching unmanned systems and casualty evacuation during battle process. This MUTT could also be used to scout areas before humans go into them helping them sight ambush and help lay one.




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