How To Read Deleted Message On Whatsapp


I am a want to know it all guy, you can call that being extreme but I am the guy who would like to know what you think of me, why will you send me a text only to delete it the next minute, many, many reasons you say?, (I heard you right) but here i am with a trick to Read Deleted Message On Whatsapp, its the techky way.

Some time ago I engaged a friend on an argument over WhatsApp, my girlfriend actually (let me put it plainly) and when things are getting all heated up she sends this text (a long one) only to delete it just before I get to see it, I was like, why will you delete the text, did you just curse me over that text?

Ofcourse she did and she is trying to avoid the “we are never ever getting back together” track by Taylor Swift, only this time it will be played with my voice. She actually did survive that, but will she be lucky next time, am getting all techky now, “smiles and nods head”

How To Read Deleted Message On Whatsapp

Whatsapp messages can actually be read after its been deleted by its sender for everyone, but to achieve this a third-party app has to come into play, in this post, I will be sharing a trick on how to read deleted message on whatsapp with your Android device.

Let’s talk about instant messaging apps;

You will definitely agree with me that over the years, the WhatsApp platform has proven to be one to stand out, receiving series of updates with time, hence we have a platform with quite some amazing features which are not actually found in some other instant messaging platform.

I have actually been a fan of WhatsApp for a while, and just after one of its updates, WhatsApp rolled out the ability to be able to delete messages sent for both the receiver, this ability was made to work in a window of 7 munites after the message has been sent but here is a catch which remains unknown to most android users, Whatsapp messages are stored in the notification log and accessing your notification log, you can read deleted message on whatsapp.

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As the notification log feature is not available in most smartphones, to access that feature, we will need to rely on a third party app to help us access this log, below is a trick to view your device notification  and read deleted message on whatsapp

In this tech tip, we will be making use of an application which goes by the name Notisave, head over to google play store and gets this application installed on your android device(,

A little about the Notisave app.

Just like the name implies, this is an Android application built with the ability to save notifications on an Android device, any notification whatsoever, the notisave app saves them to be accessed later,

On installing this app on your device, the app synchronizes with the apps already installed on your device, after which you will be prompted to grant permission to the app to access notifications of these apps, tap on the “Allow” and you are good to go.

This app comes with a security option to be able to restrict users from accessing your log, You can enable the passcode form the settings area of this app.

What next?, hmmm, you are done!

Now on the recieving of any notification or status on your android a device, the Notisave app saves this notification (including your WhatsApp messages), when a whatsapp notification is saved and with time deleted from WhatsApp, you do have a record of the message to be accessed from the notisave app hence giving you the option to read deleted message on whatsapp.

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All you need to do is to head over to the notisave app, there you will see your notification log which will include the saved messages, go ahead and read your way through but mind you, don’t break up with her because of that, you guys can work things out here, smiles.

And that’s it on viewing a deleted message on WhatsApp on your Android device, with the emergence of the Android platform bringing the apps. we have quite a thrill of options on our device how to read deleted message on whatsapp a tip of it, you probably have come across another app which saves notification, lets hear them in the comment section, have any questions with regards to the Notisave app, lets hear it, do have a nice day.


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