IPhone X Specs And Features



Design wise apple came stocked on this device. (actually the first of from apple)

We have a design with glass althrough ditching the former bezel design. Thats to say we have a back panel made of glass.

According to claims by apple, its glass features a deeper sthrengthing layer in it making it what it boast as the “most durable glass in a smartphone” (am not so surprised though).

The iphone X comes in two finishing; space grey and silver

With respect to display, fellowing the current trend, the iPhone X features an edge to edge display of 5.8 inch.

Its of a fact that apple upgraded quite a bit on their recently released device offering an OLED display but calling it a “Super Retina Display”.

it offers quite a cool display bringing with it all standard benefits of the OLED which include accurate colours, uniformity across screen and better image display.

This iPhone X display supports 2046×1125 resolution with 455 PPI and HDR baked in(including the Dolby vison).


The iPhone X features a rear camera of 12MP sensor with dual lens, the first at f1.8 and the second at f2.4 apertures. It also features a dual- image quad-LED trutone flash resulting to quite a sharp image at night.

The front camera of this device is powered by the True depth camera and supports FaceID


Since apple came with the no home button feature on this device, we now have a screen which covers the entire front of the iPhone.

You can wake up this device by either picking up the device or swiping across any part of its screen.

To close an app swipe up on its screen and throw it away.

Users can connect siri by saying hey Siri or by pressing the side button of this device.

Its true that the home button feature have always been the center of an iPhones security, the removal of this fellows a front sensing camera(FaceID) which unlocks this device by decting its users face(i love that by the way).

Battery & wireless charging

The iPhone X and other apple device released alongside it supports wireless charging. All thanks to the glass back pannel of this device giving it the QI feature which is considered the standard in the wirless charging system.

On testing, the battery’s total time lasts two hours mor than the iPhone 7 due to the improvements in its software.

We all know apple to take things overboard;

The wirless charging system comes with what apple refer to as AirPower which allows its user charge their iphone,Airpods and Apple watch at same time.

Memory and Storage

Iphone X came with a whoopin 3GB RAM

For internal storage, iPhone X comes in two variants, the first with 64GB internal storage and the other with storage of 256GB.

Be rest assured that you are getting same features with respect to the two variant with only changes in the internal memory.

We have always known Apple to detest the idea of memory expansion with microSD, thats not changing with any of their recent smartphones.


When we talk the processor language, the Iphone X speaks of the new A11 bionic processor of 64 bit design, Six cores and two processors with high performance clocking at 25 percent faster than the A10.

It also features an extra four high efficency cores which are 70 precent faster and a GPU 30 percent faster.


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