How To Recover Deleted Text Message On Android


A text message is and still will be the easiest and forward way of communication with friends and families. If you ask me, I think on a scale that approximately 80 percent of the world’s population send text daily(as for me WhatsApp have made things easy)

Making me come to this.

Text message being the most leading way of communication today, am sure to get a sounding yes answer if I say  that our inbox is one of the treasured parts of our device containing significant messages from friends, business partners, reminders, bank statements, .. I can still go on and on mentioning but my point is, who would want to lose such treasure forever?.

Bringing me to the idea of this article.

Take a situation you accidentally lose that treasure bank of yours knowingly or unknowingly, actions must be taken to get them back before they are lost forever by some updates.

Now sounding like the dog trying to get its bone

Most at times we face this issue and get agitated because we don’t know the next thing to on that account.

Firstly, calm down and take a nice coffee, or tea(i do prefer coffee though), don’t get all worked up, there is a solution for that. In this article, we would be learning some pretty cool ways to recover our lost messages back to our device.

Keep reading along to know ways to recover lost messages on the android device.

How To Recover Deleted Text Message On Android

Recovery Using Backup And Restore Feature

This is an embedded feature on every Android smartphone. You probably have not come across or might have but don’t know its essence.

We would make use of this feature to recover back that deleted message.

You Must have registered your device with your Gmail account which must have been given permission to back up data on your device.

This is what you should do

Sign out of your Google account immediately and sign back in with that same account on your android device and whalla you would be asked to restore data from your previous backup, just grant the permission and your messages are back(How easy was that).

This process becomes a lot easier if your device has a local backup set upon which you have set up regular backups.

If that’s the case, on your device, Go-to Settings by clicking on settings after swiping down your top main screen

On Settings Click on “Backup & Restore” followed by selecting the latest backup file and in no time your lost data will be back.


This Process of recovery of lost data will only work in a case where you had set up the backup option before the message was deleted.

The Google restore option will work only if you have sync your device with a Google account before deleting of the message.

This Process is not 100% guaranteed since its dependent on lots of predetermined precautions.

Doing this may over-write any current data on your device taking it back to last backup condition, so its advice to be done just immediately you delete the message.

Many might be a bit lazy to back up their data(I once was ) But the loss of data can be more painful than a backup time don’t you think so too.

Take few munites of your time and perform a backup now.

Recover Deleted Message Using TunesBro DiskLab

Let me Introduce a more capable and efficient way to restore lost messages, that’s TunesBro DiskLab.

Not only that TunesBro DiskLab restore messages, It goes as far as restoring other Data types including Music, Photos, Videos, Browsing History, Whatsapp Chat history, Contacts and lot more.

I will call it an all packed in one solution for recovery for android data.

Features Of TunesBro DiskLab

  • With just a few clicks of your mouse, your data and documents return back to your device.
  • This can restore all files and folders after a factory reset.
  • This can recover all kinds of system data after crash or system update.
  • TunesBro DiskLab is supported on over 2000+ device including Samsung, HTC, LG etc.

How To Use TunesBro DiskLab On Android.

Using This process of message recovery on an android device is a straightforward recovery tool for android.

Fellow The steps below to use tunesBro DiskLab

Download a compatible version of this program directly from the website. Be sure to get that specifically for your device because this is supported on both Windows and Mac computers.

Install the program on your computer and lunch the program and connect your device to the computer to scan all parts of the device.

Do turn on USB debugging mode on your device. Go-To setting=> Developer Options => Toggle on USB Debugging.

This works like magic

As soon as the scan is completed on your device, the program will preview all deleted data from your smartphone.

Then its time to recover those deleted messages.

Click on the message tab with your mouse this will instantly display all deleted messages on the interface of the software.

With your mouse, select all message you want to restore and click “Recover” located at the bottom right corner.

And that’s it, locate the output folder where you had saved all deleted message thereby retrieving them back on your smartphone.


Now I think the issue of accidental loss of messages on your device is something of the old now.

Fellow all tips shared on this article to recover all lost messages in no time, Also consider using TunesBro DiskLab to recover any deleted file on your device(i can guarantee success using this tool).

Hope this article was found useful and you were able to recover that deleted message back to your device.

To be on the safe side, always create a backup regularly on your device, this will avoid any form of future data loss on your device.


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