How to Move Contacts From One Android Phone To Another


In a situation where you bought a new android device, you might experience the challenge of moving your contact from your former device to the new one . in this post i will be showing you how to move contacts from one android phone to another , there are series of options to overcome this challenge of moving contacts and I will be showing you in this post. some procedures may vary depending on the Android version, but however, these methods are quite easy so there is no need to worry even when you are not much of a geek, fellow these steps to move old contacts from an old android phone to a new one

How To Move Contacts From One Android Phone To Another

Back Up Your Phone Contacts To Sim

This is quite a simple method of moving contacts which involve backing up your contacts on a sim card and transporting to another phone via that same sim card. See a quick guide on how to do this

  • Go to contact on your old android phone -Check for a settings menu, when you have seen it, select Import/ Export, under manage contact tab
  • Select export which will instruct the device to transfer phone contacts to the sim card which you have already inserted to the android phone
  • Proceed to Remove your sim card and insert into the new sure that both sim slots are of the same size, otherwise, you should consider adjusting them.
  • Some phones might come with the option of making use of sim contacts, in such situation select ”Yes”.

Back-Up Contacts To Google

This method is another secure way of moving contacts to another android device. If you back up your contacts on google, you can be able to access those contacts via any phone you might move to in future. I will suggest you perform this process now even though you are not intending to switch android phone at the moment. This method will save you pain in case of any unplanned event involving your contacts. Just as I stated earlier, this process may be different depending on the brand of the phone being used, but this guide will assist you to perform the task on any android phone

  • Go to your contacts/people
  • check for a settings menu as if you are backing up sim contacts
  • Select import/export contact
  • choose export which will export your contacts to your device storage.(The contacts will take the form of a vcard file which can be sent to another phone via bluetooth or email)
  • completing the remaining part of the process will require a PC. Connect the device to a PC via USB then transfer the VCard file. You can perform this also via bluetooth transfer.
  • Once the vCard file is on your PC, via your browser, goto and select import contacts.
  • Select the choose file option to enable you to browse the vCard file stored on the PC
  • After locating the file, click on import.
  • Your contacts will be stored to your google account and can be accessed from any device provided you can sign into your account on google.

Through Phones Inbuilt Software

Some phones come with software which makes the transfer of contact easy and convenient. The procedure is part of the phones set up the process when in new state. To achieve this you just have to follow the software’s prompt. The whole process will be directed by the software. A connection is normally done via bluetooth then contacts and other files like logs,text messages,photos ,videos,etc, will be copied from one phone to another
The older phone must not be an andriod device,it could be any brand of phone but must have bluetooth support.

Using Third Party Application

This method of transfer involves the use of a third party app to transfer contacts from one device to another. This app makes transfer easier and faster an example of such app is MCBackup(an app made available to both android and iphone users). Below are steps to transfer contacts using this application

  • Using Your Google play store, install My Contact Backup(MCBackup)
  • Start the app and allow access to your contacts when prompted
  • Tap the Green Labelled button labeled Backup
  • Followed by a tap on the blue button labeled Send
  • You will be provided with different options to send your file to a new device, some options may include OneDrive.Whatsapp,
  • Dropbox, Message,Bluetooth, Gmail,Skype,OneNote and Android Beam
  • The file appears as a VCard file on the new phone, when received open and save
  • You can also import the vCard by going to Contacts/People tab, then settings, manage contact then finally import.

And that’s it on how to transfer contacts to another android device. let me know if you encounter any hitch when going through these whole processes. If you know of a different method of accomplishing this task, please do let us know through the comment section as we will love to have your ideas added.


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