Best Ways To Connect Google Pixel, Pixel 2 & Pixel XL To TV


The search engine giant, Google has seen to the production of some android devices, included are Google Pixel, Google Pixel 2 and the Pixel XL, these devices come with quite some great features which you can check out and they are quite handy. But our aim in this article is to give you a guide to connecting the Google Pixel, Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL devices to display on TV, that way you could watch your android screen on your Television, sound cool?

Let’s get started on how to connect google pixel to tv 🙂

How To Mirror/Connect any Google Pixel Phone To TV Easily

On connecting a Google Pixel or Pixel XL android device to TV, you will have your Android screen displayed on your TV. Recent Television versions set from 2014 come with a built-in Miracast which helps with this connection. Some other devices like the LG G6 and the LG G2 supported this natively.

This guide will show you how to connect Google Pixel phones to TV and this is quite a simple and easy to achieve step, just follow the guide and use the recommended applications and you will be good to go, this guide also span through the connecting pixel to tv and to mirror other android Devices on your TV.

Are you asking the benefits of mirroring your Android screen to your TV, here are some..

On connecting a Google Pixel device to TV you can use your device as an avenue to stream movies from streaming websites like Netflix and YouTube, you could also be able to play games on your TV making your android device serve as a gamepad, but that would include some other customizations, regardless, let’s get to the business of the day.

This article will be introducing some methods you can use to connect a Google Pixel or Pixel XL to TV, these methods are the wireless method of connection, let’s take a look at these connection methods and how they could be achieved, the could aid Google pixel xl screen mirroring and other android devices.

Wired & Wireless Connection Methods

On how to connect a Google Pixel or Pixel XL to TV, let’s take a look connection methods and steps to achieve.

Wired Connection

  • First things first, you will need a Miracast dongle for TV to achieve this, you can purchase one from Amazon
  • When purchased, you will have to connect the All-share Hub of the Miracast to your TV, this could be done using a suitable HDMI cable.
  • A third party hotspot will be needed, do connect the Allshare Hub to the hotspot and also connect your Google Pixel or Google Pixel XL to the same hotspot.
  • Lastly, Navigate to Settings on your Google Pixel or Google Pixel XL, next, select “Screen Mirroring”,

That’s it, on selecting the mirroring option, this should automatically display the Google Pixel or Google Pixel XL screen on your TV.

Quite Easy to achieve right?,

If you do have a Google Smart TV, you will not need to purchase the Allshare Hub as you can achieve this using another trick, let’s dive into that right away.

Smart TV or Media Device

Go through your TV documentation to get your TV ready to receive a signal from a smartphone, however, if you use a non-smart TV, you could make use of devices such as the Miracast Video Adapter, Roku or the Amazon Fire TV.

On getting the TV ready to receive signal, access the quick menu by swiping down at the top of the Pixel device and select “Connect to TV”

This should automatically connect your Pixel device to your PC.

Connect Non-Rooted Google Pixel/Google Pixel 2/Pixel XL To TV

Connecting a Google Pixel/Pixel XL device to your TV which is not rooted, follow the steps below to get that achieved.

To achieve this, you will need a Chromecast for a Pixel to Chromecast connection, you could get one Here.

  • Next, connect the Chromecast to your television, this will prompt the installation of the Cast App (Download the app here), upon installation, the for the cast application would be displayed
  • Next, connect the Google Pixel and Chromecast to same Wi-Fi connection.
  • Download the Chromecast application on your Google Pixel android device.
  • Follow the setup wizard to connect your android device to your TV.
  • Upon connection, open any application on your device which supports Chromecast, to mirror the screen, tap on the cast button which would be seen within the application, this will initiate the mirror screen, hence you have Connect Pixel to Chromecast.

Connect Rooted Devices Using Miracast

If your device is rooted, using the Miracast device, you can initiate a wireless connection between your Google Pixel/Pixel XL device and your TV, it is important to note that to use pixel XL miracast, this could work only when the Google Pixel or Pixel XL device is rooted.

Lets get to know about Miracast.

Miracast is a hardware that could serve as wireless HDMI connection to your TV also known as the google pixel miracast. Using this you could display the screen of any Smartphone on a monitor or television wirelessly.

Is the Miracast not the same as the Chromecast just introduced?

Actually, they are a bit related such that they help wireless connection but their difference is such that using miracast pixel you do not need an internet connection which is needed by the Chromecast to make a google pixel cast on the screen of your television.

Without much Ado, I will introduce you to using this option to connect your device to TV.

In a situation your Television does not support Miracast, you will need to buy a Miracast video adapter, an Amazon Fire Tv box or a Roku which will aid as an adapter to make your Television acceptable to this connection. I would recommend the Amazone Fire TV or the Roku, as they are the most popular for this connection.

Next, you would need to set up Miracast on your android device, this can be done by editing the build.prop file on your android device, this is how to achieve that.

  1. Head over to the AppStore and install the build.prop editor on your android device.
  2. Open this app, on the upper right of this app you would notice an “i” icon, click on it and select Add, then New.
  3. Next, you will have to set your property name, set that to “persist.debug.wfd.enable” followed by setting its value to “1”.
  4. Now Restart your Google Pixel device.
  5. Finally enable Miracast on your device, Goto Settings >> Display >>Cast >>Menu >>Enable Wireless Display.

This method could be achieved currently using the Android 6.0 or older versions of Android as this feature was removed from the latest versions of Android in the Google Pixel or Pixel XL.

USB-C to HDMI: Not an Option

Google Pixel, Pixel 2 or the pixel phone HDMI is noticed to not support the VESA port which is an alternate solution, hence using a USB Type C to make a connection to an HDMI adapter is not possible.

USB Type C HDMI adapter has at one end a male Type-C connector and at the other end a female HDMI port. This could be used to mirror screen to monitors or TVs. This dongle was created by Google to be used with the Google Pixel C tablet or the Chromebook Pixel, but this connector does not work on the Google Pixel device or the Pixel XL device.

Hence the afar mentioned options could be tried when connecting the Google Pixel 2 to TV or the Google Pixel XL to TV.

Do you find this post helpful, let’s chat on the comment section, if you do have any trouble for screen mirroring google pixel, you can let me know and I will be of assistance, also do leave us a comment if you have any addition you would like to make on the post.



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