BlackBerry KEYone (Black Edition)


You joined those who underrated Blackberry over the years?, Blackberry is back and better.

Blackberry have unveiled their most interesting device (actually their most interesting in the entire decade) and that is packed in the Blackberry KEYone Black edition which is an elder to the Original version of Blackberry Keyone

A little about the Keyone series….

Blackberry Keyone is an android device which not only packed with features of the modern android operating system answers the need for a Hardware keyboard for those who love typing thumb to a key.

Recently, the Blackberry Keyone Black edition was lunched which is not just a coat of paint to an older device but a more improved Blackberry Keyone.

Below are some features of this device

Firstly Blackberry Doubled its internal storage from 32GB to 64GB and still retain its expandable memory capability with MicroSD.

And this too..

An increase in RAM to 4GB which is a welcome increase to its original 3GB.

Some had the complains that the original Keyone was a bit pokey with respect to speed of elements of its operating system but the recently introduced Keyone has calmed the wave as its all speedy in all regards on testing and still retains all charms of its original.

Who loves an all black device?…

The Blackberry Keyone features an all black design which is a deviation from its original dual-tone silver and black, which is more appealing to a large segment of the population (me included  )

And coming from months of production of the former version of Keyone by TCL, this device definitely got less hitches in manufacturing, thus you can expect the best.

Its no foul to say that this is the best Blackberry device currently and its rated among the top android device in the market for buyers mostly those who value the physical keyboard.

Not only that….
The convenience comes with having lots of shortcuts(i mean hardware shortcuts) for apps and most actions you might wish to perform on this device at your finger tips as you might not be concerned with a large display watching videos and other contents.

The Blackberry KEYone Black edition also has an assignable dedicated hardware button at its side such as the Bixby button found in the Note 8 (actually more useful than the Bixby button ) and a trackpad for scrolling which keeps its display free from obstruction when browsing through feeds or reading a document.

What is your take on this device, share your thought at the comment section below


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