How To Add & Install Bigboss Repo on iPhone or iPad


Bigboss repo is one of the numerous tweaks for Cydia app for iOS users. Some of the best apps for iOS are paid apps, hence many tend to jailbreak their device in order to get these paid apps for free on their iPads and iPhone, Jailbreaking tempers with the security of your device, hence is not a good idea, therefore, we are going go through a method which we can use to install Bigboss Repo on iOS without jailbreaking.

Bigboss repo

This is going to be a straight to the point tutorial on Bigboss Repo and a quite easy one, all thanks to Cydia, this process will not require any form of jailbreaking to come to light.

Haven’t heard of Bigboss Repo, let me school you a bit before we dive into this tutorial. There exist so many Apps for iOS but most of these apps exist as paid apps which are purchased from the App Store for iOS. How does getting all these paid apps for free, paid apps like PP25, Appcake, IAPCrazy and so many awesome and cool apps from the App Store.

Here is where Bigboss Repository comes to play.

With Bigboss Repo, you will have the ability to get and install these cool apps easily on your iPad and iOS, you don’t have to spend a dime. I will be walking you through a guide on how you can install Bigboss Repo on your iPhone or Ipad without jailbreaking your device, lets proceed and waste no time as we get Bigboss Repo to live.

How To Add And Install Bigboss Repo On IPhone Or IPad.

Do you wish to install Bigboss Repo on your device, the step by step guide below will help you install Bigboss Cydia repo on your device.

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Adding Bigboss Repo Source To Cydia

  1. Firstly you will need to download the Cydia app and install this application on your device.
    When installed, open Cydia App Store to add Bigboss repo source.
  2. On the screen at the bottom area, will you notice an icon labeled Sources, tap on the ico, it just next to the star icon also located at the bottomBigboss repo
  3. Opening the sources screen, tap “Edit” which is located at the top right corner.
  4. Next, you will need to tap on Add which is located at the top left corner of the screen this will promptly open a pop up window where you will need to add the URL
  5. On opening the pop up window, Copy this Url and paste in the URL section, this is known as the Bigboss repo source URL.Bigboss repo
  6. Next, complete the process by clicking on Add Source.
  7. Following the above guide, you have successfully added Bigboss Repo Source to Cydia app, now lets get to installing Bigboss Repo to Cydia.

How To Install Bigboss Repo On Cydia.

After adding the source, below are the instructions to Install Bigboss Repository on Cydia;

  1. Open the Cydia app and begin scrolling down the homepage till you get to a section which says “More Packages Sources”, select the option by tapping on it.bigboss repo
  2. This automatically directs you to the More Sources page where you can see the option to select Bigboss repo. Tap the Bigboss option which is just under the default sources.
  3. A pop up appears on the screen after tapping on the Bigboss option, you will need to click Ok to confirm the installation of Bigboss repo.
  4. On confirmation of installation, Bigboss repository app will begin installing on your device, the process might take a little while but will eventually be completed.bigboss repo
  5. When you are don with the installation process, you will need to tap on the manage button which is located at the bottom of the screen
  6. This should follow by tapping on “Sources”.
  7. There you will see the Bigboss app alongside other applications on Cydia on your device.bigboss repo

Now you have successfully installed Bigbossrepository app on iPhone and iPad device, you can go ahead and enjoy its amazing features, If you do have any issues achieving this, you can tap on the comment below and I will assist you with the Bigboss repo app, Thanks.


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