5 Best Medical Apps For Doctors for Android and iOS Devices 2020


We are now in the so awaited global age and this does not exclude healthcare workers as doctors and medical workers also need apps which will assist in their fields, adding to knowledge in their medical field, hence are you a medical worker, there are lots of useful apps to install on your device, some of the Best Medical Apps For Doctors for Android and iOS Devices would be rounded up in this listicle.

Medical Apps For Doctors

On this article today, I would be bringing to you the 5 Best Medical Apps For Doctors in Android and iOS device

Best Medical Apps For Doctors for Android and iOS Devices

1. Epocrates

Medical Apps For Doctors

Starting this list of Medical Apps for Doctors is the Epocrates app, this is quite useful which could be used for both android and iOS devices. Its function span through checking drug information on your device, interactions between practitioners and making referrals and consultant appointments. It also has the option to be used to calculate patient BMI and other measurements, with its numerous download and feedback, this shows the relevance of this app hence you could make a download now.


I will introduce you to an app that is most useful for nurses, emergency room workers, pharmacists, students, paramedics, and students and it makes as one of the best health apps.

Medical Apps For Doctors

The PEPID PEDS app is one that could be used to gain continued education and information as you work to treat the sick. It also has a symptom checker which could be helpful for quick diagnosis of the cause of an ailment by patients’ symptoms, lab results, and examination of a patient.

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3. Kareo

Amongst the best Medical Apps For Doctors is the Kareo app, it is one used by medical professionals for payment options.

Medical Apps For Doctors

When getting paid for healthcare, this application helps users to automate the payment process and hence spend less time on paper-works. This is a multi-physician app and it complies with the HIPAA standards.

This app automates the billing process so that healthcare workers spend less time with paperwork and more time with the sick patient. Kareo aids multi-physician use and it is HIPAA-compliant.

4. Figure 1

Medical Apps For DoctorsStill on the best medical apps for doctors is the Figure app, this is a highly recommended one as it could help for a smooth workflow. With the Figure one app, you could be able to share medical pictures quite easily between teams of physicians when they have this app installed on their iOS and Android device too.

It also includes a visual database where users can comment on pictures shared and could be helpful to doctors who are looking for feedback on probably a rear sickness or comments on the next step to tackle a sickness during a scarce condition of facilities.

5. UpToDate

Medical Apps For DoctorsThis is an app for only android users and has in a pile of medical information which could help with your knowledge in the medical field, and also assist in answering clinical questions on the app. It includes 24/7 support on any help you would need when using this app and the multi-physician license could also be purchased when using this app.

This could highly assist with up to date recommendations accompanied by references, this could assist with knowledge on the field too.


Medical practitioners are those who professionally practice medicine and mostly concerned with the promotion of good health within the society through the study and treating of diseases. The focus on different categories of patients and also methods of treatment or they may take the general form of specialty.

Medical practice require optimal knowledge in the field hence it is advised to not take medical practice into ones hand even with the use of Android and iOS apps, but individuals should get in touch with professionals in the field of which they feel any ailment for test and treatment.

Now over to you, what do you think of these apps if you have used any, do you have any recommendations on more medical apps which you would like to get added to the list of Best Medical Apps for Doctors for Android and iOS, let’s get to know in the comment section.


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