7 Best iPhone To-Do Apps for 2020


Making a list of things to meet up with for the day and keeping up with them can be difficult sometimes, mostly when using the pen and paper process of tracking your current to-do list. The emergence of iPhone To Do apps today has made the managing of this much more easier as with notifications and alerts productivity can be achieved. Using the iPhone, you get quite a bunch of these apps, and they are quite easy to use making your day easier. today you will see the 7 Best iPhone To-Do Apps.

To begin this list, we shall start with the Any.do iOS App.

1. Any.do

iPhone To Do AppsAny.do app is a popular one amongst the best iPhone To-Do apps as it features the combination of calendar and reminder options to bring the best of a reminder app.

This app comes in variety of versions for the different kinds of iOS devices, this app could be helpful in managing your calendars and tasks and you have the option of assigning tasks to loved your loved ones and you have the option of synchronizing this app with your Google Calendar and Outlook, hence you have a task app that is off the roof.

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 2. 2Do

iPhone To Do AppsKeeping track of your schedule for the day could be well achieved using the 2Do app for your iPhone, though this is a paid app, it comes with quite some amazing features which include a simple UI making an easy to use the app when we talk navigation. Using this app, users are given the option to assign some actions to any task on the To-Do list such as making a phone call or scheduling an email to be sent.

This app also features Voice recording, Twitter integration, alerts and so many other customizable features which will bring a great experience on a To-Do list app.

3. Awesome Note 2

iPhone To Do Apps

The Awesome note app is an app that features various customizations and options. With this app you can manage your tasks and also sync these tasks with the Google Docs and Evernote apps. In a monthly calendar mood view you have your upcoming tasks shown, hence showing you the tasks to come for the weeks of the month.

The Awesome Note app also comes with so many other features, you could install the app and take a view around to know how things work and using this for you to-do list on iPhone would be seamless.

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4. Clear

iPhone To Do AppsAmongst the iPhone To Do apps is the Clear app, this app sees a stunning design as it features the iOS multitouch UI as it helps you create your to-do list with swipes and drag hence you could easily manipulate your list. If you do fancy a UI which is strictly built around tasks (since others are mostly built around days of the week), then you will fall in love with this app as its quite an edge in the iPhone To Do apps.

5. Ita

This app could serve as a list-making application and also a to-do application, it is quite a simple app and is quite an effective one in the managing of your to-do list on iPhone. Though with this app you will not see some features such as reminders, priorities and due dates which would be seen in other apps. Hence you could make a list of all you would like to achieve in a day, hence this app is not the best for productivity.

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6. MinimaList

iPhone To Do AppsAmongst the iPhone To-Do apps is the MinimaList app which allows you to concentrate on your tasks and help achieve them. This app has the option to share your list with other users of this app, it also features a focus timer which could help you in monitoring the time spent on any task and also a natural language input.

With the support from Face ID, Siri and Touch ID, you could also track the security of your device using this app.

7. TeuxDeux

iPhone To Do AppsThis is one of the best iPhone To Do apps with quite an amazing interface, with this app you could not only make your list but you also have the option to sync some web application and easily arrange and rearrange your items.

This is a productivity app, but it could need more features to bring about maximum utility, regardless, this is amongst the best for tracking your To-Do list on iPhone.

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Hence you have the best iPhone to-do apps, do you have any recommendation, lets hit the comment section and discuss your thoughts and what you like about any of the iPhone To Do apps.


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