Best Android Tricks 2018 & Android Hacks


These are the latest Android tips and tricks 2018. Do you want to be the smart guy on your android device, customizing your device to your taste, with these android tricks you can be the boss of your device, and you know what that feels like, right?


The world of technology today is advancing quite speedily, with the need for smart device calling, the Android smartphone has gone forward to make smartphones more useful in our daily life activities, hence to be the smart guy in our world, you have to be smart with your device and what other way than staying updated with the latest features of our device with best android tricks hacks.

Best Android Tricks 2018 & Android Hacks 2018

In this post, you will get all the tips and tricks in our website and with the tutorial, you will get to customize your device giving it more functions according to your taste, that’s what being the boss is all about, so below are our best android tricks hacks

Best Ways To Connect Google Pixel, Pixel 2 & Pixel XL To TV

The search engine giant, Google has seen to the production of some android devices, included are Google Pixel, Google Pixel 2 and the Pixel XL, these devices come with quite some great features which you can check out and they are quite handy. But our aim in this article is to give you a guide […]


How To Use Snapchat On Mac OS Or Windows [2020 Working Version]

This is a guide on how to use Snapchat on Mac or Windows devices, this would include step by step actions to get you setup in the use of this amazing application on your device. Snapchat is one of the most popular social media messaging applications that has gained quite a lot of attention in […]

Bigboss repo

How To Add & Install Bigboss Repo on iPhone or iPad

Bigboss repo is one of the numerous tweaks for Cydia app for iOS users. Some of the best apps for iOS are paid apps, hence many tend to jailbreak their device in order to get these paid apps for free on their iPads and iPhone, Jailbreaking tempers with the security of your device, hence is […]


How To Read Deleted Message On Whatsapp

I am a want to know it all guy, you can call that being extreme but I am the guy who would like to know what you think of me, why will you send me a text only to delete it the next minute, many, many reasons you say?, (I heard you right) but here […]


How To Unlock Android With Broken Screen

Did your android device fall to the ground and now you have a device which can’t be controlled using the screen , you try to access the files on the device from your PC only to discover that you are locked out of your device and unable to input your password hence files are not […]


How Automatically Change Wallpaper On Android

Wallpaper, the beauty of every android. Pictures tend to play a great role in determining the mood.  How do you feel when you switch on your device and have to be welcomed by that same old pics?, some might probably have it in mind to change their wallpapers from time to time but due to […]


How to Move Contacts From One Android Phone To Another

In a situation where you bought a new android device, you might experience the challenge of moving your contact from your former device to the new one . in this post i will be showing you how to move contacts from one android phone to another , there are series of options to overcome this challenge […]


How to Root Infinix Hot S x521 and Also  Install TWRP Recovery

Rooting an andriod device comes with access to some super extra abilities and makes your device more fun. Today i will be give a step by step guide on rooting  your infinix Hot S. The Infinix Hot S is a new infinix device which runs on Andriod 6.0 Marshmallow. It comes with a biometric scanner […]


How To Recover Deleted Text Message On Android

A text message is and still will be the easiest and forward way of communication with friends and families. If you ask me, I think on a scale that approximately 80 percent of the world’s population send text daily(as for me WhatsApp have made things easy) Making me come to this. Text message being the […]


How To Take A Long Scrolling Screenshot On Android And IOS

On this post would be shearing on how to take a long scrolling screenshot on your android device with the help of some android apps to make our aim achieved with ease. The screenshot feature on the android device has been quite useful since its introduction(i cant begin to state) But even with how cool […]


How To Be Sure A File Is Safe Before Downloading It

Today virus attack on devices is taking quite another level. Have your device been destroyed by a virus or malware, then you can definitely know the pain of a slow device (if totally stopped the worse) But the safety from the attack on our device has taken a new: Previously we rely on some antivirus […]


6 Settings You Should Modify on New Android Phones

Perhaps you just bought a new Android gadget which suits your specs, probably it’s your first time in the Android world, experiencing its menu which might appear to be strange and quite complex with different options and categories attached. As observed, android phones come with several features which serve so many purposes other than making […]


How To Send A Blank Message In Whatsapp

When was the last time you where played a prank?. I was played on April 1st when a friend really did made a fool of me, unno, fools day. Can you imagine… He made me leave home early in the morning all the way to school, running, breathing heavily and all that, with the thought […]

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How To Watch Live Football Match On PC

Here is What i know about you: You love watching football. Have that cool team you support. Probably about to watch a match or missed one because you don’t have this piece of information on how to watch live football match on pc ( speaking as though I see the supernatural world) This is what you need; You […]



These are the Best Android Tricks & Android Hacks 2018. They will definitely help you stay smart with regards to your smartphone. The Android tricks listed will also make your work easier and most certainly, efficient. We have to stay updated with our device with android tricks and hacks, so always stay updated and smart with your android device.



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