6 Settings You Should Modify on New Android Phones


Perhaps you just bought a new Android gadget which suits your specs, probably it’s your first time in the Android world, experiencing its menu which might appear to be strange and quite complex with different options and categories attached. As observed, android phones come with several features which serve so many purposes other than making and receiving calls. It is required you make the best of it, therefore you will have to optimize your smartphone for maximum productivity and performance.

I will recommend you make the modifications listed below to ensure maximum performance of your smartphone. It is important to know that some of the listed steps may vary based on different android version or brand.

#1 Reduce Whiteness And Change Live Wallpapers

It is important to avoid the use of live wallpapers on an android phone. This may look fanciful but most of them don’t optimize well for battery performance ie they drain your battery and bring the about reduced performance of your phone.

If in a case your phone has an AMOLED screen, I will recommend a nice, attractive black wallpaper why because black wallpapers don’t illuminate thereby saving battery power.

Depending on the Android version, location for the wallpaper settings might differ but generally is located by holding any blank area in the home screen. A pop-up menu appears, click on the wallpaper settings and select an attractive black wallpaper

#2 Reduce Brightness

When in a situation of the low power supply, charging your device at all time can be a daunting task, there is a way to survive in such condition ie reduction of the brightness of the phone to maybe 50 percent or lower. It has been proven that there is more consumption of battery power at an increased brightness, therefore, reduction of the device brightness tends to save battery.

To modify brightness, swipe downwards starting from the top of the screen, for some other brand of Android a brightness slider can be located after making the swipe.,when you don’t find any, you have to consider using the settings tab. Goto settings, tap on ‘Display and wallpaper’. Did you locate the brightness slider? Am guessing you did. Now move the slider to half mark or below that and turn off auto-brightness

#3 Wi-Fi Settings Modification

When browsing using chrome it is very possible to reduce data usage thereby saving time and money. This is not commonly used by most, but its something you should try out. Using this feature, you can cut data usage by 20 to 30 percent in the next few months. To activate this, head to CHROME, click ‘Settings’ then ‘Data Saver’, this should be turned on

Also, you can instruct your device to leave Wi-Fi on in a sleep mode condition.this will help save battery life due to your device won’t need to reconnect to Wi-Fi when you wake it up. this will enable you to enjoy downloading even when phone display is off. To enable this service ,go to ”setting” ,then ”Wi-Fi” click on ”Advance” then select the option ”keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” then click on ”Always”

#4 Switch on ”Find My Mobile”

To have your phone stolen can be frustrating as you will lose some important files stored on your phone. However, with recent advancement in technology, it is very possible to track your device when stolen either through some built-in apps or third-party apps,

You can track your Android device when stolen using Andriod Device Manager, This has the feature of location tracking installed into the OS of your smartphone. Make sure that this feature is enabled .if unsure on the activation procedure simply ask for support through the Google support page.

When this feature has been activated, go to andriod.com/device manager through any mobile device or computer and sign into your account. In any event, your phone is on and still, online its location can be easily seen on the map. You can also do some things on it like erasing every file, making it ring out and even locking it out.

More so, this feature can function on your phone by third-party tracking. Andriod phones like the Samsung Galaxy SH has the option of ”Find My Mobile”, to get this feature, tab on ”Settings” then ”Lock screen and security”. This requires the creation of a Samsung account which will assist in getting the phone’s location just like the android device manager. Also, its recommended you try out Cerberus. this app takes pictures and video secretly of the thief.it can also record audio through the microphone.

#5 Activate’ Do not disturb’

In a case where you are busy with an important task, maybe sleeping or saying prayers and don’t need disturbance by the buzz which may arise from text or calls and at the same time don’t need to switch off your phone.

This will help you silent your phone for some given period of time .this term differ on a different brand of Android, some may come with the term ”Quiet hours”. To activate this, go to ”settings” tap ”sounds” now view through the area to find the ”do not disturb” option.

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#6 New app shortcuts deactivation

One good thing about Android is the option of lots of apps in stock for users. You may wish to storm Play store for new apps.when an app is installed, it creates an icon on your home screen, that’s a shortcut and as such lead to a cluttered home screen,

However, there is a solution to this problem. Open google play app on your device, tap on menu and go to settings, clear or uncheck the checkbox beside ”add an icon to Home screen”.this solves the issue, however, you can add shortcuts through the app screen but this will be arranged by you

With these settings done, you are good to go on rocking that your new android device in an optimized way, did you find this post helpful or you have questions with regards to your android device, send us a comment below.



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