How To Show Network Activity in Status Bar On Android

show network activity in status bar on your android

This article on how to show network activity in status bar on android will help you save data on your android device by monitoring your network activity on your android device when data consuming apps are turned on.

Everyone needs a data saver, (Yeah i do too on my pc).

If that’s the case, a network activity display on your status bar would definitely do the trick to track your data usage and internet speed.

In android manufacturing today, many manufactures customise the androdid OS and call it their custom UI implementing some tweaks and making the android feel way more like another OS while some just make their the normal android way.

With respect to this article, some android device due to customisation of the Operating system might have the option to show network activity in status bar on android but others lack that.

For devices not having internet network activity reader displayed on their status bar, you have no need to worry as a method exist with which you can integrate this to your device.

Do you lack this feature? Read on

Why should i integrate this on my device?

With your network activity displaying on your status bar you get to be able to keep track of your data consumption no matter the app in play every point in time making utilisation of data as easy as it the word sound(dose it?), thus having the option of knowing when to on and off your data usage.

Here on this article is a method which you can show network activity in status bar on android device

How To Show Network Activity  in Status Bar On Android (Without Rooting)

This method involves the use of an app(quite easy steps) all you have to do is an install of this app on your device and fellow the steps below on some few settings to show network activity in status bar on android device.

Just like i stated earlier, we would be using an app to get this done and that, some others exist to get this done but Internet Speed Meter App is the best in the league.

About Internet Speed Meter:

This app available on google Playstore for no cost so any user can get to try this app anytime .

On installation of this app you will be faced  with the screen below.

Click on the three dot at the top right of the screen to open the preference option



Now among the option you will see that which says “Show up/down Speed”, click on the box to enable.

You are done, simply exit the app hence you will see the network activity shown on your status bar but it also displays network activity reader at the middle of your screen which is quite a bad position to performing other tasks on your device.(how then can we solve this)

Being that this app can be customised you have the option to manipulate every aspect of the reader shown on your status bar from changing the position of display down to setting a data limit, speed, transfer units and so on.

Back at the preference page, the appearance, widget position and other options like hide while locked can all be set through the options displayed.

Why was this App selected amongst many:

I like to bring the best to the table “unno”

Just like there exist so many apps to show network activity in status bar on your android, Internet Speed indicator is smooth and stable while running and as such have no effect on other running apps on your system.

But Its Important to note;

This app will remain running at all time on your background and you know what they say about apps running on background, they cost some extra battery life, This wont cause any major fluctuation on your device rather some minute change.

What if your device is rooted, here is another pretty cool way to get this done

This method is quite a simple way, all you have to do is root your device which will allow an Xposed installer to run on your smartphone, on having the Xplosed installer run on your rooted smartphone use a Xposed module to show network activity in status bar on android device.

 Show Network Activity in Status Bar On Android (Rooted Device)

For start, you need to root your device, you can see all about rooting here’

Next move on with installing an Xposed installer on your device

After installing through the guide above, download a module of the speed indicator on your device and install then move forward to enable it on the Xposed installer because only with that will it work on your device.

Hence your network activity will be displayed on your status bar. And thats it to  show network activity in status bar on android device when rooted.


Why not always stay on track always on your download speed, showing your network activity in status bar on android.

With the above article this can be done for sure.

We hope you get the best out of this method facing no issue, if any hit me a message through the comment section let me help fix such. Stay Geeky 🙂


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