How To Take A Long Scrolling Screenshot On Android And IOS


On this Article, would be telling all there is to know about taking a long scrolling screenshot on android and ios devices

The screenshot feature on the android device have been quit useful since its introduction.

But even with how cool this feature is, it still have it’s limitation.

Which is:

The screenshot feature only take a shot of what is displayed on the screen alone that’s to say you have to try to have all information of your picture displayed on screen or take two shots.

The two shots scenario would be like:

Take the first shot > Set the page for another > take the second shot.

Hence for the complete picture, you get two images.

I bet you definitely want only one long image (either vertical or horizontal), Hence the need for a scrolling screenshot.

If so, then read along .

The need for a vertical or horizontal image containing all information in a screenshot led to the introduction of the “long scrolling” feature in Xiaomi devices. But this feature was only available on Xiaomi devices at its invent. That’s to say to get this available in your device(Android or IOS ) extra steps must be taken.

Walk with me as we make  long scrolling shot feature possible on our device(less stress i promise).
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This article will feature some third party apps which can induce the long scrolling screenshot feature on your android or IOS device.

How To Take Long Scrolling Screenshot On Android


This is an app created for the purpose of taking scrolling screenshot.

Taking a Long Scrolling screenshot can be as easy as ABC with this third party app.

Yeah A-B and C, Here is what i mean:

On downloading and installing the app, open and select the capture option, Starting with your current screen, move slowly as the app stitches the quickly taken screenshots. Your output becomes a long form of screenshot.

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What You Get With This App

  • Instantly merge multiple Screenshot into one either vertical or horizontal with other bunch of options.
  • Automatically captures screenshot upon scrolling.
  • Floating screenshot capture button make taking multiple screenshot like breeze.
  • A powerful stitching tool to create a perfect long image.
  • No watermarks in screenshots taken and no ad’s too.
  • Can capture a long webpage with only two clicks: “set start and end position”.


Scroll Capture

This is another third party app which can take Long Scrolling screenshot of webpages.


Just like the above mentioned, you just have to open the page you wish to take a shot of and click the capture icon of this app, within a few instance, you would be able to take a screenshot of the page.



There exist numerous apps which can capture scrolling screenshot but the above mentioned are the best in the game.

You can also go for others, I believe you wont face any problem on your device doing so.

An example is stitch and share for android.

How To Take Long Scrolling Shot On IOS Device

Similar to the above mentioned apps on android is “Tailor” for IOS.

You can download Tailor following this link

Tailor allows users to take multiple shots and have them stitched together as one. Such as long To-Do lists, articles and lots more.

This is a great addition to your list of apps as it comes in handy once in a while.


Hope that was quite an info.

Also did an article on How you can change an image background with your device, you might find that interesting too.

That’s it on using third party apps to obtain long scrolling screenshot on android and IOS device.I hope you enjoyed this piece.

What’s your experience with your device taking Screen shots, lets hear your thought through the comment section.

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