How To Root Android Phones Without PC

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Is it right to root android phones?.

Lets talk about rooting.

Rooting a device simply en-tells jailbraking your device (make me seem like Michael Scofield #PrisonBreak).

Anyway this means unlocking the Operating System of your device to install some unsupported but very amazing apps.

That’s to say:

Do you want to go beyond limits(what they want you to see) with your device, then you should root your device.

But, wait a munite,

Am painting the good picture alone

Let me add some black to the colours or say red (if that’s the not so holy colour)

Taking the rooting decision can go bad on your device most especially when not done right

Speaking from experience, you  get what we call bricking of your device

Today am going to be giving a complete guide to root your android (yeah without PC) , before that let me tell all.

How about taking a pause to see the advantages and disadvantages of getting your device rooted.I think that might help us decide on the ZERO or ONE about root(sorry, now speaking binary digits)

Advantages Of Rooting Your Android 

This is actually what comes to mind first when the topic is brought up(just had to bring it up though)

Just as i earlier stated, this can the best thing that can happen to your.

Here is why(quite a nice picture)

  • On rooting your android device you get to do seamless customisation

When I say customisation, words like, beautiful, lovely, catchy just comes up(i did a post on changing image background, quite cool for the word beautiful)

Yeah that’s true, this just mean changing how your device look internally

I mean stuffs  which involves installing custom Rom, Widgets and lots more.

  •  Increase the performance of your device

How is this possible?, you might ask.

How do getting your RAM increased sound(great i think)

We all know that Device RAM affect device speed too(you can get all angry working with low RAM)

But all that can be changed just on Rooting.

How can i Increase my RAM?

Its just very possible with some few apps which can create a swap file for better performance of your device(Subscribe to my mail list below let me tell you more).

And that’s only if you choose to root your device.

This is getting interesting  🙂

  • You can increase your battery performance

Don’t get me wrong

I don’t mean changing your device from 4500mAh to 10000mAh.

Lets just say its more about making your device last a little longer than usual.

This can be possible by flashing and using some tweaks which help reduce the background performance of the device thereby making your battery last a bit longer.

Less I forget

  • Processor speed increase

Let me say that you processor speed has to do with how your device respond when loaded(can be pretty slow, also fast)

Some infinix device have nice processor

And we can get the speedy type through rooting too.

This can be possible through some apps for increase processor speed.

This and more you can get on rooting your device

Fellow me lets see some disadvantages.

Disadvantage Of Rooting Your Android

Just like they say, to every thing that have an advantage there must always be a disadvantage

You should read this cearfully

Here is Why you shouldn’t root your device

  • Your device may be bricked if the process goes wrong.

Yes, this happens mostly when the wrong file is selected and used to flash the device.

But that can be avoided .

Here is how to avoid that:

  • Be sure to select the right package or file to root the device
  • Be sure your battery is not less than 50% charged, and…
  • Always use the without PC method of rooting a device to get it rooted because with this method you stand less chance of getting the device bricked.
  • Your Warranty Get Voided

This actually is one of the biggest disadvantage of rooting a device.

Dont get all worked up on that,

You can simply get your warranty back by getting the device un-rooted.

  • Your Device Stops Receiving Updates

Android operating System as we all know is the most popular operating system currently having different updates from time to time(the recent being Oreo)

Upon rooting your device, updates such as latest operating system instantly stops.

Why do i say so.

You automatically give your android a new face upon rooting

But here’s the trick:

Though the mentioned don’t come on your device, you can get them by flashing the update on the device (but this can be quite tasky).

So whats will it be?

A  0 (zero) or 1 (one)

If one (1) then proceed, lets get that rooting done.

Preparing to Root your Phone/Device

You have just decide to root your device.

Don’t just go ahead and start the rooting process.

Here is what you should do:

  • Get your battery charged to at least 50%
  • Install a proper Android Debug Bridge driver for your device.
  • Enable USB Debugging on your device: On your device, GoTo Settings = Application = Development options =USB Debugging.
  • If you want to root without pc Enable unknown sources
  • Get the Root Checker app here to verify if your device is actually rooted

ROOT Android Phones

Here to the main idea of this post

Actually there exist so many Applications with which you can root your device without PC(they all get the job done  but in their own way).

I will give you intense information on them and also how to use them

How about starting with the best amongst all

Vroot Software

Though other root apps can use to root phones, Vroot have been termed to be the best in the pack

I will advice you use this before trying any other root app.

With Vroot, you have a tool which can both root and unroot your device and have the ability of overcoming any operating system including the recently updated Android 8.0 Oreo.

Here is how to Root Android Phones using Vroot:

Am sorry.

Vroot is going to be the only app to be used with PC in this tutorial.

If you cant access a PC, you can try other root apps like framaroot or kingroot below(they can be pretty great)

  • Download The App

Download the Vroot App by following this link and install it on your pc.

  • Connect your device

on connection of your device to your pc vroot will automatically dectect the device and try to verify its root permission.

  • Rooting Your Device

Tap on the Start Root icon to begin rooting of your device

Here is what fellows

Upon rooting, your phone automatically reboots installing the superSU file to your device.

  • Verify Root

You can verify if your device is rooted using the Root checker App i gave above.




This is another app considered to be great to Root android phones without using PC

Here is why;

The iroot application is quite a simple app in nature giving you rooting with quite less stress.

Whats your measure for stress?

Am quite a lazy guy sometimes 🙂

So this is how stressful.

With just opening the app,

Tapping on the root smartphone icon,

Your device gets rooted instantly( how more easy can rooting be)

Below is a quick guide on how to perform a root without pc using iroot application

  • You have to first download the app from the official website to your device

You can download this app by following this link

  • Now get it installed

just the normal way you install an app to your device fellow the procedure and get it installed on your device.

  • Hit the open option upon installation on your device.

Here is what you see:

You will be met with your device name and root status of the device, this will tell if the device have been rooted before now.

  • Rooting

Now tap on the  “Root Now” option you are presented with and wait for what fellows next.

You might be scared at what happens next (don’t be)

Your device automatically goes off but comes back on after sometime (like a reboot process)

This process installs a Superuser app in the app drawer, you just have to check you app drawer to confirm rooting of your device.

If installed then you are good to go with your rooted device

Lets Go to the most popular.



Did I say most popular?

That’s probably because many just like using this to root phones (from those I have come across anyway).

But to cut all short, king root is another trusted app to root your device without going through the PC method.

Lets look at a quick guide to get your device rooted using Kingroot.

  • Downloading The App


It is always advised you download a root app from its official website, to avoid unplanned problems(hello hackers) 🙂

  • Install the App on your device using the normal installation process on your device.

Upon installation on your device, the app starts verifying root access to your device

  • Start Rooting

Upon verification of root access, you will be displayed with an option to begin the root process

Tap on the “Start Root” option and wait for what fellows.

After sometime, your device will be successfully rooted.

How simple was that.


Framaroot is another root app which can do this in its own cool manner.

Here is the good thing about Framaroot:

This app tells you if it can root your device or not that’s to say it’s a device selective tool.

How to Root Android Phones Of Any Version with framaroot

  • You will have to first of all download the app from the official website.
  • Take the next step of getting the app installed in your device.
  • Upon opening of the app, you see three option, Just select the install Super su option
  • Upon selection of the super su option wait for the confirmation message (and that’s it)
  • Restart your device and run the root checker to confirm you device is rooted.

Then move ahead to start enjoying all that goes with rooting your device.

Having double thoughts using this app, or that dosen’t work for you device.

Check out this next rooting app


Kingoapp Root Software

This software can be compared to the vroot app (though I have recorded more success with Vroot).

The kingoapp is one of the big players in the rooting world providing different apps that can root android phones.

Here is what you should know about this root software

This root software requires connection to the internet before rooting.

That is;

You have to allow the app connect to its internet database upon lunching of the app.

Fellow this Quick guide to root your device using Kingoroot software.

  • Download the App

You can download the recent version of this software through this link below.

  • Connect your device to the internet

This is important because without internet connection, this root app wont work.

  • Install the app on your device

That’s depending on if you are using the without PC method but using a PC you just have to get it installed on your PC

  • Lunch the app fron the home screen icon and click on the root button to get root access to your device.

That’s it

Root access is gained in your device.

You can confirm you root using the root checker.

Root Master App

This app can root your device without using PC but should be used as an alternative when apps like vroot and framaroot have been tried on a device.

This root app can work With devices like




Gionee, and some other popular brands.

Lets take a quick view of how to root your device using this application


Guide To Root Android Phones Using Root Master APK

  • Download The File

The root master app should be downloaded and installed successfully on your device to peform this operation.

  • Lunch The App

Lunch this app either from the home icon or your menu.

  • Start Rooting

On lunching the app you get to meet an icon which says “Start Rooting”

Click on this icon and start the rooting process.

Wait for it, you will get a success message after sometime of processing.

  • Confirm The Rooting

Confirm if your device is rooted by using the root checker app

And that’s it.

Save space on your device by deleting the raw file on of the root file from your device.

Ping Pong Root

Hello Samsung galaxy s6 and S6 Edge users.

I know you might find your device a bit difficult to root your device(some device might have the hard head)

But let me remind you guys of the phrase “there are so many ways to kill a rat”

And one way is using the ping pong root app.

This is an app dedicated to root Samsung galaxy s6 and s6 Edge brought by the x-developers forum (the badt guys).

Here is how to use this app to root your Samsung Galaxy s6 and s6 Edge.

  • Prerequisite

Enable the installation of app from unknown sources on your device.

  • Download SuperSU

You should download and install from google the SuperSU file

  • Download The App

After downloading and installing the SuperSU app move forward to download the Ping pong root app and copy it to the phones internal memory, install and run the ping pong root app.
Allow the ping pong root app to install the superSU

  • Running The SuperSU

Run the SuperSU app once to get it activated

You will get an error message(don’t mind that anyway), just ignore .

  • Do this Next

Connect your device the internet and go back to the Ping Pong root app.

  • Lunch Again

You should lunch the app and click on download data

  • Root Your Device

On the application upon lunching click on the GET ROOT to complete the rooting process.
You will get some permission message prompt upon clicking that, accept them.


And that’s it on the best apps which can help root android phones.

I know there exist other root apps (Odin Rooting, CF-Auto-Root, Root Genius) they can all do the trick too (that’s according to

But I can only vouch for those listed above.

Now over to you.

A penny for your thoughts(just felt like using the phrase 🙂 not that i do have a penny to give)

What’s your expirence on rooted phones (write your heart).

Is your device seeming a bit difficult to root(the strong head type)

Lets perform the magic.

Just drop the device name and a little specification,

You leaving without sharing,(please don’t let me shed tears) my mum said I cried enough as a child


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