OMG! Nokia 5 Survives Scratch, Burn And Bend Test

Nokia 5 test

You are shocked to an extent, right?

A device to survive scratch, bend and motherfucking burn test, what the hell is it made of?

As impossible as it may sound, the new and economical Nokia 5 is the device on the mouth of everyone bearing this shocking feature and on this article am going to be showing you a review of the durability test of this device.

Though many may have their views about Nokia devices, this mid-range  smartphone by this company will definitely amaze you

OMG! Nokia 5 Survives Scratch, Burn, And Bend Test

How tough is this new and economical device from Nokia? That was the question.

And this question was answered by  Zack Nelson as he gave a clear and forceful answer to this question through his youtube channel know as “JerryRigEverything”

How did he go about that?

He offers a particular way to check the resistance of the Nokia 5 and as shocking as it may sound, the Nokia 5 got through this test which tested for scratch bend and burns.


What really do you remember about ancient Nokia device of the 90s?

I would guess you have the words resistance, indestructible after any fall or any other related threat to its integrity.

This feature was brought to play in the renew Nokia 5.

Now in the hands of HMD Global, the company promises that all its Android device would have resistance as one of its characteristic features. and they have been true to their word as the Nokia 6 has already been a prove, so is the Nokia 8, now the Nokia 5 maintains that assumption.

The Endurance Test

I would be referring to the video on JerryRigEverthing where a resistance test was conducted for this device, this mid-range device reached a level of resistance which most smartphones can only dream of.

With its awesome gorilla glass, the Nokia 5 was seen to have a level 6 rating on the Mohs scale. This result is identical to most high-end smartphones.

With respect to its camera and flash, unlike the Nokia 3, the Nokia 5 offers a high degree of resistance having both components protected with quite a hardened glass.

The Burn Test

Zack shows a high-quality material of aluminium present even at its side button, In this, you can see how the upper end and lower profiles of this amazing device were topped with a plastic material for reception and emission of electromagnetic waves from its antenna.

Although the flame test of this device with a cigarette lighter leaves a mark of an effect of heat on the display, the final test with fire is that which tries to show the resistance of the aluminium material of the Nokia 5.

The video below

Now you get the gist.

In the last part of this test, it was made clear that the aluminium material chassis of this device offers a high amount of rigidity that even at Zack Nelson’s test, despite the amount of torque applied on this device, neither the screen nor the aluminium structure of this device yields in an apex.

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Now over to you, what is your take on this device, which would you like a comparison with, let us share thoughts in the comment section.


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  1. Nokia won’t stop amazing us with their device. This is not the first and I don’t think it will be the last we see of them. Maybe we should expect a device which can’t be destroyed by the hammer of THOR .. 🙂

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