How To Watch Live Football Match On PC

how to watch live match on pc

Here is What i know about you:

You love watching watching football.

Have that cool team you support.

Probably about to watch a match or missed one because you don’t have this piece of information on how to watch live football match on pc ( speaking as though i see the supernatural world)

This is what you need;

You do need some sites on to watch matches from your convenience with your PC(got all that an more)

Its so bad when we are unable to watch that favourite sports (soccer and others) due to being busy at work or some other reason and not able to get to a television at the moment.

Also some When the idea of streaming from the internet comes up the issue of getting a good site which can do that becomes a problem probably due to error in loading of the site or some other reason.

Today on Techrector we would be seeing some of the best sites(i can vouch for)to help you stream that your amazing sports without charges from your PC, android or tablet browser.

Online today, Sports streaming have taken another level with sites facing quite some huge amount of turnout of viewers (who dont like it the easy way).

Though there exist so many sites for streaming live sports matches and highlight videos online(and so many coming up by the day), most have their errors in playback and contains lots of ads. But i have handpicked a list of sites which i will say are the best getting the job done for you giving you the best experience you can get.

Here is why you should use them.

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Wont have to say much about this site.

You probably must have come across ESPN being a sports lover (that’s its TV channel) now you have the opportunity to stream using their channel.

Now you should know How To Watch Live Football Match On PC using ESPN.

You get the opportunity to watch sports stream of your favourite sports on HD display using this site.sports ranging from football, hockey, basketball, baseball and lots more.

But the not so good thing about this site is that streaming is only for US users only

But here is how to get around that.

You can use an epic browser changing your IP to a US IP and thats it, you can stream videos with ease.

When i talk about the best sports sit i have come across the bosscast comes to mind.

Structured in a cool and simple way, this site give you all its features easily being easy to navigate and quick on loading. You also have the opportunity to change your timezone which is matched by default to your current location.

How also do you see chatting when watching a live football match.

Yes, you get that also using this Site too, meeting sports lovers, the argument , and all the lots that comes with chatting about sport.

Features Of

  • stream channels like ESPN, EURO Sports, NBA TV and lots more.
  • opportunity to check list of events of different sports.
  • Get the fun of chatting, meeting like minds on your favourite sports.
  • One of the best sports streaming sites available.

When i said i would be bringing the best to the table i do mean my words.

Here is another site to give the best watching soccer live stream using your PC or android device.

You not only get access to soccer but also other sports live stream of which ice hockey, hand ball , and lots more are in the list.

opening the site you are faced with the schedule of the day from where you can click to the live stream.

But here is the bad about this site

This site loads lots of ads on each and every click which is so good at reducing your internet speed (but just have to bring it here for its great features)

But the good is that you get to stream high quality videos for free.


  • Provides high quality live stream for your favourite sport on PC.
  • All stream is completely free.
  • Check your timezone from this site
  • Lots of ads upon loading(yes ,that’s part of its features)

Once wanted to know How To Watch Live Football Match On PC and i stumbled on this site.

How do you like a site which gives all when it comes to sports

When i say all i mean:

you get not only to watch live matches of your favourite sports online, get all when it comes to the league table, check livescores of other matches.

And this will Wake you up from slumber

You also have the opportunity to bet on your favourite game(who dont wanna make some cool cash too)

But here is what you must do to get full access;

Registration to this site is important to get all this site comes with.

Below are the highlight of the features of this site.


  • You get one of the best sites for online football stream.
  • Have the opportunity to bet on any game you feel like to.
  • Get live score update just as it comes.
  • Get quick access to major league tables.

This is yet another streaming site with which can definitely answer the question how to watch live football match on pc.

Upon first visit you might get confused on where to go next due to its much features

Don’t fret, just find the login button and register for the site for free, with time you will become familiar with the interface giving you the best sports and all of it.

You can choose to move to its premium version which allows you to stream videos in HD format with less ads(though this is not free )

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Features Of

  • Stream your favourite live football match from your PC
  • Get updates on the happenings in the world of sports.

Yes yo want that cool site for all your sports game and football games included, Vipbox is where to go.

Sports streaming can be at its best with this site ranging to different types of sports snooker and racing included just from the homepage.

Tapping on the live navigation button you see all games available at that moment.

For folks who want this site in another language have the opportunity to change the language to your desired language(only a few language available though).

Here is the run down of its features.

  • Free live streaming of your favourite sport.
  • Change of language.
  • Quite easy no navigate and fast on loading.

And here is a site made mainly for football.

Visiting this site you get to stream all football match from your PC (not the on playing at the back of your street)

On the homepage you will be met with the different schedules of matches along with their streaming link to the streaming page,

Here is the good:

Though this sit is mainly made for football, streaming of other sports like baseball, tennis, basketball, rugby and lots more sports can be streamed from this site

So whats the Catch, start streaming sports live matches for free

Features Of FootyFire

  • Get all the schedule of matches
  • Free streaming of your favourite match(soccer and other sports included).

A similar cool sports streaming site that’s Stream2u-tv.

For free, you get to stream your favourite sports like football, basketball, rugby, tennis, and lots more with clear pictures and sound

At the homepage, you see schedule of matches from where you can select that which you want to stream right away with ease.

And here it come with its crew(like am introducing a president).

though not the president in the league, VipLeague just as the name goes is a vip site for streaming online football matches and other sports too.

Though this site was recently banned in India and some other countries for some reasons best known to them, it can also be visited through proxy servers.

No credit card needed that’s to say free streaming on the go having lots of visitors monthly, i suggest you give this site a try on streaming that your favourite sports.

And here is another official sports streaming site from the channel star sports which you can enjoy that your match right from your comfort with your device.

you get much from this site including sports news, live stream, highlights of already played matches,scorecard(and my favourite), sports prediction for that bet.

for users on android, they have the opportunity to download the free iOS app on their device too

I must say this site is amongst the best in sports streaming.


  • Free sports Streaming
  • Sports news as it comes.
  • Match Prediction for bets.
  • Free android app for android users

More Sites

Though have more on my list would be giving them to you but without a review(am feeling tired 🙂 )

You should check out these great site, confirmed and dope for the job.

And thats it with what i can come up for now(would keep the list updated)

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Watching football can be as interesting as it can get(you know the thrill). Missing even a moment can be sad enough what more getting to miss all only for that area you are.

The question How To Watch Live Football Match On PC have now been answered with these cool sites listed above which can give the best user experience online(but be sure you have your data bundle)

Now go ahead and enjoy that exciting match all the way i HD quality.

Leaving without shearing,(please dont make me cry) tap on the share button and get the word out, a friend might be saved(you dont know) 🙂




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