How To Get Quick Information About Android and PC


Sometime it comes to getting some Helpful Information About Android device and PC too, information like browser speed, screen resolution, android version, ip address, Operating system and lots more can come in handy .

Just like the saying goes, knowledge is power, the knowledge of what your device is worth most probably when you want to sell your device the second hand way , this can also open your eyes on more tasks which you can perform with your device.

Let me shock you:

You would be surprised, you probably have not Used 25% of your device performance(but am right though).

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The importance of this article can not be over emphasised, as we all tend to make the best of our devices.

When it comes to getting information about any computer or android without having to install any application or software, this can be done using some third party application but the easy and advisable way to do this is using some nice websites for this.

Yes a website,

Why recommend a website?


These sites gives information about android device or pc instantly upon opening.

In the sites below, you not only have knowledge about your software but have the opportunity to download some custom third party apps with which hardware errors can be gotten and solved (being your own technician) how dose that sound.

How possible can a website give all these?

Your android device or PC has an inbuilt software/hardware information which is present in all device and can be accessed upon permission through these sites.


Will be listing some sites below giving stating their functions.

You probably want to check your browser version for an update.

Or probably need details about your browser when asked by a friend(they can ask questions sha), these and more can be gotten from this site.

Upon loading of this site, your browser information is accessed giving you the browser specifications(browser version too).

Now you know can know if your browser is up to date.

Visit Here

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Lets learn about another cool site. (Check Operating System Type and Screen Resolution)

This can be a helpful Information About Android or PC tool.

The need to know your operating system system specification can come up at any time.

When the need arise you can do that with this site.

Some will be like of-course i know my operating system, Why should i visit this site?

Loading up this site, you not only get to know the operating system type but the bit and some other Information About Android too.

No need installing a third party app, no need for any form of registration or login, get to know about your operating system type with ease.

You can also do this with this site

Check the screen resolution of your device.

Still you don’t have to go through the troubles of installing an app or any stressful means to get this done.

Using this website you can have the option of checking the screen size of your device.

Checking of resolution can be on any device, be it an android, PC or tablet.

Visit Site Here

Every mobile have its specific IP address with which it access the internet with though you can get those information through different means, with visiting this site, you get to know your device IP address instantly.

Just execute the link on your browser and instantly information about your device IP will pop up.

Visit Site Here

We all know that android operating system don’t keep their ass to a sit for so long(that’s my expression about their changes).

Today its marshmallow, tomorrow its oreo(cant imagine what we might be expecting next)

But i think that’s cool though giving us nice and upgraded interface with time but bringing the need to update with it.

The deal is to always stay updated with respect to your android version so as to not be left out in the train.

And how is that possible?

This can only be possible through updated Information About Android with respect to your current operating system and the latest available.

For Folks who have it in them to stay updated on the recent android version in town for their respective devices, you do need this site.

At the website, you can get information about the operating system your device is on and the updated version, thereby keeping you updated with the latest in the android world.

Visit Site Here

Who have the idea that a speedtest on device browser don’t come in handy, you probably among those who dont download much.

Let me create a senerio

Lets say i am having a bad internet connection and about making a decision if to embark on a heavy file download,this decision can be settled with checking my internet speed doing a speed test on the browser.

This can also come in when you are deciding the browser to use during download, browsing too(some browsers can be pretty slow)

Speed test gives Information About Android browser uploads and downloads of your internet connection speed.

Using the website, you get to know upon opening gives you the speed of your browser.

Visit Site Here

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With the emergence of websites with tool for different purpose solving some minor issues on Android devices an PC is now taking another level In the tech world(dont be shocked to see a website which can solve hardware issues…just saying)

Getting Information About Android device have now been made as easy as visiting a website With these sites giving the best when the need arises.

For sites owners website like, and other tool sites can help in making your world so easy.

Be informed about your device as well as stay updated with the recent on the technology world using these sites above

Do well to hit the share button thereby getting this information available to friends and family.


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