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How to change image background, quiet easy steps. Images tend to say a lot about us, formerly, images were only for remembrance of an occurring event then came the emergence of the social media, today, we take images almost every day to stay updated on medias like Facebook, Instagram etc.

An image tend to say a lot about us this brings about the need to be at the best on images, and that’s the main idea of this article.

You probably have taken that killer shot which you so much fall in love with only to discover that an unwanted image in the background might lead to you discarding it.

Quite hurtful don’t you think, what will you do?, you about to press the delete button? , let me come to the rescue showing you easy and quick ways to solve that problem.
This is a complete guide on how to change image background using some android applications.

How To Remove Background from Any Image in Android

Background Eraser

This is a quite simply and easy method of getting the job done, it’s not a complicated app I would say and it’s easy to navigate, following the steps below you can achieve our goal of getting the best out of your image.

STEP 1: The first thing to do is to install the app on your device and that can easily be done by clicking this link. (Background eraser)

Step 2: Upon installing and opening background eraser, on the screen, you will see the options below, click on the Load a photo icon selecting the image you want to edit.

Step 3: Upon selecting the image, try as much as possible to crop out the unwanted part of the image as much as you can followed by clicking on the done icon.

Step 4: This leads us to the option of removing the background, giving the options, manual, auto, and eraser. We are advised to use the Auto option with zoom in mood activated. A tool will appear which allows you to select the part of the image you want to make transparent.

Step 5: Move the tool around the image to create the transparent part zooming in and out to get accurately cutting edges like the ears very perfectly
Note: Mistakes may arise, simply revert to fix any errors encountered
Step 6: After the above process, click on the finish button.
Though not a good Photo editor myself, I have successfully removed the background of the image using Background Eraser.


Some Similar Alternativ apps:

# Background Remover

This is another background removing application, with the background remover, you can erase an objects easily from an image with ease. With this application adding a background to the image can also be possible, below are the full features of this app.

• The eraser option to easily remove background from an image.
• Mostly, other applications offer only the square crop option but with the background remover, you have the ability to play around your crop size.
• With this application you can have access to the magic tool option provided by Photoshop software.

# PhotoLayers〜Superimpose,Eraser

Having quite a good rating by google, this app provides similar features like other apps listed above. Also, with this app you can combine up to 10 images at same time to create a photomontage. Below are the features of this application.

• A good application for making beautiful photomontages.
• Have the feature of making the unwanted pert of an image transparent.
• Combination of up to 11 images is made possible.
• This application is also useful for changing the image colour making an acytractive image.

# TouchRetouch

Just like other photo editor app, touch retouch also offers tools to remove effectively unwanted content from your photos making them vanish right before your eyes
TouchRetouch is an app that offers you all the tools you need to efficiently remove unwanted content from your photos. Make unwanted objects vanish right before your by just simply marking them. With this remover you can touch any minor blemish once and remove it forever.

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You don’t have to worry no more as you can now get the best out of your image,  Listed above the best apps to solve that disturbing issue of removing an unwanted background from your image, try these apps and get the best out of them.

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