Game developers: Maliyo’s, Gamesole, Kulaya’s Who Else?


The Nigerian game industry has experienced increased improvement in its campaign with aid through broadband access,cheap and fast internet service.
The increased competition between service providers that’s MTN,GLO,AIRTEL and ETISALAT has brought Nigerian communication system down to earth. The reduction of costly data plans to what we can describe as average.

This simply means that there will be massive increase in downloads through playstore and IOS store due to the cheap download rate also downloads through google play has increased which can be seen via star ratings and feedback.

Some years ago , Nigeria game developers produced games like firstborns waiting for their birthrights,due to poor graphics , pop up ads,and uber boring games ,those games couldn’t see the light of the day.

Definitely in a herd of sheep one must be odd,weather humble or vile its dependent on the character shown by the majority, the maliyo’s gamesole and kulaya’s development of games on IOS,windows and android is a feat which has never been achieved  before. Their work stand out from the crowd of game developers in the industry

The Maliyo’s introduced the flavoured Nigeria setting mosquito smasher ,this  is a game created for killing mosquito through tapping of your phone screen thereby reducing malaria(if you belive) .Set in an  area of increasing malaria cases is quite a brain-burst.

Kulaya’s approach in gaming takes gamer’s back to the mythical world whereby users go back in time exploring untold myths and folktales in Nigeria potrying the Nigeria rich culture.

Funding have been more like a major problem creating a wall in the creation of lucrative game videos. In a situation whereby this sector is properly funded and nurtured and pulled into the Nigeria economy ,there would be promising increase in fortune for those venturing into game development.

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