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You know what they say safety first, its get even better with Facebook Safety Check

Am a mechanical engineering student (quite an awesome course) and if you are in that field you will probably hear the word safety 50 times out of the 100 words that emerge from a supervisor’s mouth(Safety this, Safety that, Safety blah blah blah, says the “wanna do it sharp guy” 🙂 ).

Not only in engineering, you get the word in all field, safety from chemical hazard, from electrical shock, road safety and even this too household safety (we all do the practice).

But the big question is;

How well are we practising? (might now be wondering if am giving a lecture on safety, maybe a little).

Thanks to mark ( the Facebook guy), bringing safety to Facebook with Facebook safety check , kudos.

Lets talk Facebook safety check

Facebook Safety check is one of the best ways for letting people around you know know if you need help or offering help in an emergency.

Not only that;

You can also provide or ask for help during a disaster outbreak within a particular location, that is to say with Facebook safety check, you can find people around you and help them or ask for same as the case maybe (is anyone smelling google’s idea here?, anyway a bit of the map).

Lets dive right in on how to use Facebook safety check.

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How to Offer Or Seek Help On Facebook During An Emergency

Facebook Safety Check

On Facebook, head straight to the Facebook safety check section, you will be faced with some events around your area, click on that which you want to offer help.

This fellows:

A map of green and red dots appear on your screen. The dots indicate individuals while the colours tells who is providing or asking for help (green for providing help and red for someone in need).

Lets Seek Help on Facebook Safety Check:

Click on the “Find Help” drop-down which will unveil a list of categories to choose from including water, Shelter, and food. Choose a filter by clicking on it to filter the map result showing only posts relevant to your need.

Now, on the map, click on a green dot near you to see what a person has to offer. You can now click on the his or her post or preferably send a message directly to the person to request for assistance.

Offering help can be in two ways:

Click on a red dots to see people who need help and what exactly they need to ascertain if you can offer their need. To filter the map based on categories, click the Give Help button, where you can select a category be it shelter, food, water, transportation or other options as the case may be.

A click on a red dot shows you someone in need, their need and the general area where you can locate them. You can send a direct message to them or comment on their post to offer assistance to their need.

Whether giving or requesting for help, on choosing a category, you can create a post in that category but its a better idea to search for an existing post relating to what you need or want to offer.

No Post ?

Click the create post icon which will display a section where you can Enter your address(actually your gross location until you share your location with someone) and the help you are willing to offer. You also have the option to set the privacy of the post that’s if you only need help from your friends or the general public on Facebook safety check.


Have you checked if your friends are safe today (guessing you have not,me too 🙂 ).

Lets head down to Facebook safety check now and see how we can help out.

Whether giving or requesting, Facebook safety check gives plenty of ways which you can assist someones need or get the help you require.

Life’s too short, why not we live it assisting one another get the best out of it.

Lets chat through the comment section as you tell me your thoughts.

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