Best Android Apps: The All Time List

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Do you know that with the best android apps you can render your laptop useless?

You seem surprised,

You are probably about to skip this post and take me to battle in the comment section.

Please, Just kidding, Let me rephrase.

Do you know that your android device can be a substitute for your laptop when it comes to performing some minor but important tasks?

Yes, I heard you right. (Now I guess am safe).

With your android device you get to do cool and amazing things which you can’t even imagine you can accomplish, but achieving all those is based on how updated you are with your device.

Remembering the early days of phones “in Nigeria” you can bear me witness that there exist a time when you have to take a walk to the call-centre just to connect someone due to limited availability of the device,

My dad told me about a period when you need to walk a long distance just to post a mail,all in the name of information transfer, can’t begin to imagine what his dad told him and the dad before that(if that’s a term).

My point is;

Things have been made a lot easier today with the introduction of android devices, with its power in its app ecosystem, just downloading an android app can save you much stress accomplishing some minor tasks coupled with the device being quite handy to carry around.

Sounds quite cool 😉

Enough of this History (never really a fan), let’s get to the main idea of this article.

Would be showing you some amazing Android applications which you probably might have missed, these apps are awesome, you should not be the one in the dark, i personally advice you get them.

Let’s kick off with this amazing weather app.



Recently, the weather can be unpredictable by human analogy, who would imagine the rain falling so late in December here in Nigeria.

Here is another instance;

You might probably wake up a morning, seeing the sun at its maximum density and you are tempted to conclude;

Hurray! , we going to have quite a sunny day today !! (Because, Trust me, no one likes going out with an umbrella).

Only to be shocked and angry to the core when your plans have been cut short by a heavy and unexpected downpour.

Here is where it comes in;

With 1 weather you get:

  • Weather forecast. and predictions
  • Current weather condition
  • Fun facts about meteorology, and here is my favorite
  • A moon and star tracker

The only thing I dislike about it is the fact that it comes with lot of advert, (oh, very tiresome to use) ,unfortunately, you have to pay the sum of $1.99 to remove the advert banner.
Aside that, Amazing App, nice display and an app worth downloading.




Locking my device can be tiresome(i do prefer to lock my apps).

Don’t get me wrong keeping your device locked and opening upon usage is definitely more secured.

But what about the idea of locking the applications? (you can tell me your thoughts via comment)

Locking my important apps saves me the stress of having to lock my device and unlock every few seconds of timeout, giving me that security and rest of mind (from kids who just cant let my phone be).

Now you know why I prefer app lock.
Yeah I know there are so many lock apps on PlayStore today which can perform same functions of locking applications, but,

Here’s why i use(and you should too) AppLock:

  • It’s a light weight app,
  • Lock your applications and files , and

It can’t be uninstalled by another user without permission.


Blue Mail

Have you got an email manager on your device?

We all know that every smart device have its inbuilt email notification set up;

That’s not really a manager

When I say an email manager I mean an application which performs the function of ;

  • keeping your mails in line
  • accepts lots of email providers,
  • widgets color coding and lots more.

Blue mail, can do the trick.

Another thing about this app is its android wear support which you can easily connect other device with your device(Know more here).

Now imagine an app with a 5 star rating on Google performing all these. Get one of the best android app and the at your mail .



Have a confession to make.

Not proud of it, but I must say it anyway.

Sometimes i become lazy, yes lazy as far as browsing the internet.(for the record, this post wasn’t one of my lazy days).

Then how do i get to stay updated on recent trends to write about? (i expected a tougher question)

Staying updated with the recent and coming across information is quite simple for me, can be for you if you use Feedly.

With feedly you can get tons of information from any website directly to your device, ranging from news, podcasts, channels, even works with YouTube.

What’s the cost?

This Is actually a free app on Google play store and cost zero kobo

How to setup:

You can get this application on your device with just clicking this button

Yes that’s it, though this app might make you a bit lazy like me…but,

Who cares? 🙂

Just get the job done.



Gboard, (a short term for the official Google’s keyboard)

I know you are already expecting the best since the name Google came in.

Yes, you should be

Actually, it’s the best when it comes to keyboards.

Ask me why,

With this keyboard application you can perform the normal keyboard typing inclusive with other smart functions like;

  • Voice typing
  • Google search while typing, (and this trending one)
  • Gesture typing(swiping your screen)

Wait, am not done yet

I forgot to mention that you can easily transfer saved words to another device with ease using this app, saving you the stress when you get a new device(my social media abbreviation group).

that cool, i must say.

Download GBoard Here

Google Drive Suite

You might have heard of Google Drive before now,

That backup cloud storage where we get to save our important files to avoid loss

Learn more on Google drive

Thats by the way

The Google drive suit is a group of best android apps integrated with the Google drive.This is quite a package from Google making office work and other amazing functions come in easy, this suit features apps like:

  • Google sheets
  •  Google Slides
  • Google Docs
  • Google Photo
  • Google Keeps
  • Google [they are always up to something]

These apps can perform their specific functions, and the deal on it is free, yes, free until you decide you want up to 15GB on Google drive.(That’s quite some storage there.)


Google Opinion Rewards

Let me say this,

Am personally not happy on the rate of charge on some cool android games and apps not even considering the rate of dollar with respect to the Nigeria currency(cant wait to get past this)

Had to put some amount of money to get the GTA, other cool games too.

How about you let google employ you.

Not for some huge amount though 🙂

But cool playstore allowance, we ca go with that,

Thanks to Google Opinion Reward, you can now get some amount of money to download your favorite game or app just telling Google your opinion on a topic.

Only cost you few seconds of your time, then you’re off paying that bill on Playstore.

Download Here

Imgur and Giphy

And here we come to the Image Apps,

Images an affect much.

I personally like staying happy (Even the witches from OZ do that in their own way),

But how can we achieve this when sometimes work and the unknown try to change the mood ? ,

I would be suggesting funny images here.

This is what I do:

Sometimes I tour the internet in search of images and to keep the happy mode, that tour can be quite long before we reach our destinations sometimes(I know Facebook helps too) ,But how does not taking that long journey through the internet sound?

That can only be achieved through apps like Imgur and Giphy.

How do they operate?

These are two image database where you can find stuffs like fun images, funny GIF’s ,entertaining little facts just to keep that cute smile on your face(you can even decide to update your timeline).

How to download:

These apps can be gotten for free on Google Play Store, see download link below



Somewhere up in this post I talked about an app which locks your application

Although when it comes to protection of phone from children and your friends (who just love my device) a device-locker is advised.

For folks who prefer locking their device, I will advise you go with this cool device locker called KeePassDroid

Yes I know there exist other cool apps for locking your device like CM Locker, pattern locker e.t.c,

Here is why  pick KeePassDroid

Based on the KeePass Project, it have the option of exporting files to other device directly from the app.


Maps and Waze

Let’s say you lost your way or maybe trying to find that location before a travel.

Have lost mine once(not as a young man anyway), but navigation apps can come in handy

Don’t miss the most amazing navigation apps on the planet and that’s Google Map and Waze.

With this App’s you get functions like

  • Get locations
  • Check traffic along your route
  • Get directions
  • Search for business
  • And lots more

Among them, Google Map is the most powerful
Don’t lose your way ever again,

never get stranded,

get what the best out of your device by downloading a map.



Are you in search for that amazing video editor app?

Yeah, that is Quik and its Pro version,
With this you Get functions like:

  • collects videos and strain it in a type of college
  • Get complete control on where to make cuts
  • Length of video and other effects are also available with this.

Sorry to say:
This app dose not compare to some desktop apps like the Adobe Premier Pro but can be used for most simple videos.



I get to be smart and work less,

I get to know my weather easily,

I write text easily with my device(most at times)

I get to …..(Just have to press the pause button on this).

Make the best out of your device today, download apps and get to do lots of amazing stuffs right from your smartphone.

Was any App omitted,

What’s your experience with your device or you have something to say share with us thought through the comment section.

Don’t forget to hit the SHARE link below let’s get this information across together,

I must confess, it’s been quite a nice journey with you.


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  1. Awesome presentation Dav! 🙂

    I, for one, do not know exactly how I would cope without the Feedly app.

    You just think about it … One would have to visit up to 10 different websites just to catch up on the latest.


    And if you’re someone who consumes way more than I do, the Lord is definitely your savior!

    “Raleway” looks great here as well.


    1. Thanks Kay,nice having you here.

      Am really glad you enjoyed the article, cool apps can make our device worthwhile.

      As for design, Wish i could clone your site @techviews 🙂 . Nice work.

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