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With the changing world the possibilities of what can be performed on the android device are frequently added, with this article on Android Hacks And Tricks, its time to be updated on your device functions.

Do you know you can perform some hack on you android device which would enable you do some cool functions with your android device

Do you still live in the world of impossibilities due to unknown secrets?

Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it….Muhammad Ali

Today i have that which will make you feel like you have super powers

Super powers?!!

Lets say more like that cool feeling.

Now imagine:

Imagine you can Hack any Android game and unlock all level on your device.

Imagine you can record a video in slow motion mood.

imagine you can encrypt and decrypt your files …..

…i can go on and on but

Here is the deal:

All these and more are possible, yes, using your device(wifi hack included).

You just take that cup of coffee and sip slowly as we uncover Secrets on android here on techrector.
Don’t forget to smile too as they come (makes you younger unno)
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Android Hacks And Tricks

Record Slow Motion Videos On Any Android

We as humans enjoy capturing great moments via videos and pictures ofcourse.

But how cool will that moment be if it were recorded in slow motion(just like the movies).

Impressive don’t you think.

Today slow motion video recording are mostly available in some expensive smartphone.

But however, with some Android Hacks And Tricks, you can now achieve this using some professional apps.(That’s what i love about android , ”Apps’‘)

There are quite a handful of apps which can perform this task, would be giving the best though.

Reaction Slow Motion Pro

This is one of the best when it comes to capturing moments in slow motion.

Here is why:

Recording with this app you get Zero quality loss, no ghost effecting, no rendering..

And this too;

No motion blur or inter-frame artefacts you might experience using some other slow motion app.

In summery here are the features of this app.


  • Professionally designed slow motion profile
  • To choose the moment, just slide across your video.
  • To see an animation of what each slow motion video looks like, Tap and Hold the Shuttle.
  • Each Shuttle bar is a second wide that’s because all actions are normally over in a second


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Slow Motion Video FX

Another app in the slow motion business is Slow Motion Video FX

Using this app you can either go slow, normal or fast.


The speed of the video lies on your palm, either the slow effect or the magic fast motion video can be selected .

Quickly Here are the Features of this app.

  • Record speech and make it slow(you will sound strange)
  • Make the record fast(you now sound like a tiny mouse).
  • Record Falling object and make it slow (quite a funny view).



Just like the name goes its actually a professional app in its field.

With SloPro you can:

Shoot, Edit and even share videos freely without hassle of file transfer.

How dose it work? With speed reduction within a certain duration.

That is:

For a certain period of time the video speed can be reduced after which resumes to normal.

Cool right?.

In summery, using SloPro you get:

  • Renderless Editing : Editing videos made easy with this including the slow option(you can actually test this with a speeding car, you will be amazed).
  • Fast Motion effect can also be enabled.


Some other apps which can perform such function include:

So whats it with the wait, lets go ahead and make the most of great moments.

Life’s beautiful unno.


Add Recycle Bin Feature In Any Android

Whats recycle bin?, if you are asking.

Recycle bin is that which restores files deleted on your computer back into your storage.

It a feature mostly for PC.

Then whats it with the android?

Your android device operates on a Linux-based OS so upon delete of files they permanently get deleted.

The bright side is :

You can actually add the recycle feature to your android device without worries .

See Android Hacks And Tricks for recycle bin.

How to Add Recycle bin feature on Android

For start, Install  Dumpster App on your device from play-store for this cool trick.

Upon installation, you will be faced with lots of agreement (quite long), you can either keep reading or click accept to proceed.

Now, move forward to select the media which you want the app to work with.

You can now feel relaxed as the issue of an accidental loss of files is solved.

Note: With a rooted android device, you can give the superuser access to this app to enable optimum performance.

Also, this can be achieved using ES file explorer too.


Download and install the file explorer on your device, upon lunching the app click on the menu on the left side bar of the app.


Look up the recycle bin option and enable it.

And thats it, Any file deleted on your device can be recovered.

To recover those files, also go to the recycle bin option on the left sidebar and there will you see those deleted files.

So how is it to not get angry over some deleted files as you can now recover them easily.

How about we learn to shutdown our PC remotely with our device here on Android Hacks And Tricks.


How To Remotely Shutdown PC From Anywhere With Smartphone

This method of shutdown is based on a windows program which is designed to schedule shut-down of any PC running on windows through an android device without wifi connection.

Just fellow these easy steps below to shutdown your PC remotely with android phones.

Steps To Get This Done

You need to firstly download and install on your PC Airytec switch off.

Upon installation, you will see a shutdown icon in the system tray, click on it and click on the options that fellows according to what you need done like Forced shutdown Enabled.

Next on the do list is to right click on the shutdown icon, click ”settings” followed by a click on the ”Remote section”


Click on ”Edit Web Interface Settings”, you will see an icon on web interface, enable it and leave the Authentication box unchecked, then apply the changes made.

Now its time to view the URL, click on the ”View/update static URL Address” icon.

Note: the URL will be displayed, bookmark it on your device and double click the shutdown icon to enable the shutdown task.

Lets Shutdown your PC:

To have your PC shutdown, just open the URL on your device browser.

Click on the Shutdown button and automatically, your PC is shutdown.

How easy was that?

The good is that this can be done from anywhere using your phone.

Smarty, right?

Using Shutdown Start Remote:

This is one of the Android Hacks And Tricks which can shut down your PC Remotely and that’s only if they are both connected to the same Wifi network.

You need to first of all download and install the windows client of this app on your PC and also on your android device.

Now connect the PC and your smartphone to same Wifi network, then scroll down and click on the ”Start Search” icon .

Once this is done, Your device will search for your computer and automatically detect it.

Now you can automatically Shutdown, restart or hibernate your computer with your android device.

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Encrypt And Decrypt Files On Android

Your device is not safe.

Yeah i mean it.

Even with your password the pattern and all those lock shit the fear of revealing your personal files still exist.

That brings me to the need to encrypt files.

Just like we all know, all our files are stored on the android file manager which is not encrypted and sometimes we are faced with the uncertainty of a hijack.

The only solution is to encrypt your files.

Would be showing you how here on techrector’s Android Hacks And Tricks

On play store an app exist which can encrypt all your files in seconds.

How does this work:

Using this app, all your data will be stored in a vault which will be encrypted with a pin, therefore during the decryption process we will need that same pin too for the files to be recovered

Encryption Process:

Download and install the app Andrognito 2 from plays store on your android device.

Upon lunch, you will be asked your name a to provide a 4 digit pin, fill the required fields and proceed by clicking the arrow.

This will open a screen where you have to confirm your pin followed by a screen to fill in your security question.

Now Your in.

Create a vault for quick access of all your files a on the home-screen of the app, browse through your files and add to the newly created vault by clicking on the lock icon on the top right comer to encrypt the selected file.

Decryption Process:

To decrypt the encrypted files, Open the app again which can only be accessed with your four digit pin.

Upon opening, you will see all files that were earlier encrypted, Click on the unlock button shown, and that’s it, your files can now be accessed through your file explorer.

Informative Android Hacks And Tricks?



Hack Any Game On Android

Everyone loves gaming in their own way.

One thing the android device brought with its emergence is the easy access to different cool games which are all available on play store.

Have you ever played a game and got stuck on the way?

Lets say you need a resource to continue(power, weapon, lives e.t.c) and they are not forth coming

That’s quite troublesome right?

Here’s the kicker:

Using some hack tricks you can now hack any game with your device, lets quickly hit the nail on the head.


How to Hack Any Game On Android.

Upon Rooting your android device, open the GameCIH App which will ask for a superuser access, Grant it access (This is only possible if your device was properly rooted)

Now on the Home screen, you will see a Hot-Key option, select any which feel convenient on your android device.

Go to the game you want to hack and upon playing, pause the game to access the hotkeys which will be displayed,select any value you want to edit in the game (like a text value in subway surfer game).

Enter your desired value in the text field and click the done icon, this will immediately alter the original game values .

And that’s it, Your game is now on the hack mood.

Want to know the best part?

This can be done on any game, and i mean any game.

Now you can play all levels without shortage of resources to interrupt the game.

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Add Firewall In Any Android Device

Seeking to protect your device from harms such as a virus attack.

Then you need to add a firewall today.

Whats Firewall? (If you are asking)

These are security programs installed in an operating system which disallows dangerous IP an other harmful programs from having their way in your device.

Why is my PC  is more secured than my android?

This is because there are inbuilt feature of firewall on you PC which protects it from various threats but this do not exist on your android device making it more vulnerable.

Here is the deal:

The firewall feature can now be installed on any android device (whether rooted or not) giving quite a security feature on you smartphone, lots of android secrets on the air.

Below is a quick guide to get this done.

How To Add Firewall On An Android Device

For start, you need to have NoRoot Firewall installed on your device which will allow to add the firewall feature on your device.

Upon installation of this app, Click on the ”Start” icon which will ask to allow connection…

…tap on ”OK” to continue.

Now, move over the ”Pending Access” tab where you will see all apps which requires connection to the internet, either allow or deny the access as you may wish.

That’s it, your android device now has a firewall which prevents it from threats as they come with this cool trick.


Block Distracting Apps For Particular Time In Android

Apps can be a pests sometimes (Most especially in that quite).

And with lots of them installed on your device, i cant begin to imagine the” hell” you are passing through (that’s the word ofcourse).

But how about we get some quite time without having to switch off our device.

That’s only possible if and only if we decide to block some apps operation for some period of time.

How possible is that?

Some cool apps have been proven to be able to stop the operations of others for as long as needed.

Let me show you how in this updated Android Hacks And Tricks.

How To Block Distracting Apps For Particular Time In Android

To achieve this, download the app ClearLock: block distractions on your device

Upon lunching this app, you will see the list of apps currently installed on your device.

Do this next:

Begin the selection of the apps which you need to block by marking them, you will be followed by the option to set the time duration of which you want those apps blocked.

Now the lock app will ask for a confirmation, click on the ”I’M SURE” icon for lock confirmation

Note: Upon lock, you wont be able to use these apps until the stated time given.

Now they are locked, you will see a screen which tells you the time remaining to open those locked apps which runs the time on countdown.

Looking To Access those files before the stipulated time ?

That’s possible only if you perform the reboot operation on your device.

Other apps which can perform this task include:

Get one of these apps today and …..

Stay free from distraction form android Phones

Guest Mode Feature On Android

Your smart phone can be more than smart unno.

The latest is the guest mood feature which was mainly a PC thing being capable in the latest android versions.

This lady will show you how to go about Guest mood for Windows, for android, read along.

The Guest mood feature is that which enable you create another version of your device with limited access for other users who want to access you device.

This is a more trustworthy way to ensure privacy on your device.

Here  is the nut cracker:

Guest mood is a feature of almost all new android device but is now possible on the older versions of operating system using some recommended apps.

Join me as we get the guest mood feature active on your device with this 2017 updated mods

Add Guest Mode Feature On Android Using Guest Mode App

For start, download the Guest Mode app on your device and install

Upon opening, choose the apps which you want accessible to guest over some limited space of time, followed by a click on the (+) sign to proceed.

You will now see all apps currently installed in your device, select all the apps you want to protect in the guest mood and click on apply to apply changes made followed by a Click on the next icon to proceed.

Its now time to set the timer: Set the amount of time you want this available on your device, you will be given a password, to activate the guest mood, click ”Start”.

This now sets up a guest mood page on your device showing the given time limit on the notification bar.

To close the feature, you will need the password given earlier.

Other Android Hacks And Tricks apps to perform this feature:

With the help of the above listed apps you can keep your device in guest mood restricting some functions on your device.

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I can go on and on what you device can do with Android Hacks And Tricks, Lets pause a bit…

You Can also learn how to watch live match on Android and PC

You are under-utilising your device, Try out some of these cool hacks today, you will be amazed on what you can achieve.

I must have missed a very important one.

Lets share through the comment section as you tell me which it is and your experience with your device.

Stay cool.



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